10 formidable marketing strategies for small businesses

Why is this topic important to your business? Because good marketing strategies mean more customers and therefore more sales. In this article, you will find 10 incredible marketing strategies that you must implement in your business if you want to be successful.

1. Describe what you do in a clear sentence

Ask a friend or colleague to honestly evaluate your description. Do you really describe what you do? If it is not, you have to prioritise working on this phrase, because it is basic to help someone to decide to buy your products or services. If they do not understand what you do your potential customers will not buy you. And by the way, if you do not clearly define what you want to do, how are you going to guide?

2. Be unique in what you do

Do not forget the importance of being “different”. If you do not differentiate competitors if you are a “restaurant”, “hairdresser,” “garage,” more, why are they going to buy from you? What is the difference in buying from your competitors? Differentiate yourself to one or several things: it gives excellent customer service, creates a unique community of fans on your Facebook page, offers gifts that others do not give, have the most smiling employees in the world (Disney type), You have many ways to differentiate yourself to capture the attention of your potential customers. And obviously, this difference, emphasise it in all your communication: in your websites, in your social accounts, in your blog, in your printed advertisements, etc.

3. Clearly, identify your target market before starting your marketing strategies

This point is imperative to succeed in your business! Do not start posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, or launching ads if you have not defined your target market well! To define your market well, read this article: Marketing and the Customer: Know your target market to increase your income! This theme I repeat a lot in my blog. Paraquitarte the desire to launch without knowing who you want to direct, I tell you right now that all your marketing strategies will not get anywhere if you do not define well your market segment.

4. Define the best marketing strategies for your market

There are many ways to promote your products, many channels to make them … But you can not use them all! Look for the best marketing means for your market. Do you listen to the radio more or read specialised magazines? Are they more on Twitter or Facebook? Do you like the exclusivity of expensive prices or are they a massive market for cheap prices? Define the best strategy for the market segment you are targeting.

5. Always perform consistent communication

The more consistent your message is, the better you will position your company or your products and services in the minds of your potential customers. Also remember that now your potential customers can see you through a huge amount of media (Facebook, Twitter, newspaper ads, internet ads, magazines, blogs, forums ..), and the least you want is to confuse them, do not? This can greatly influence your purchase decision.

6. Keep all your marketing communications with a brief and clear message

Remember that people now have no time, just like you;) No one wants to spend more than 2 minutes watching a YouTube video, watching a 20-line Facebook post or reading a 5-page blog article. Be brief and you will gain the attention of your potential customers;)

7. Keep all your marketing communications “entertained”

I do not want to say that you write a joke for each article xD, but do not write for example a boring blog article about the greatness of your products and services, and rather make it more dynamic with clients testimonials and photos. Equally do not write simply a boring post of 10 lines on Facebook, but a small sentence inserting images and videos. This is the kind of communication that catches attention!

8. Remember: Marketing can no longer be just online or offline! -> Make internet marketing and out of it

Is your business a driving school? You can even open a local Facebook account to promote it, in addition to ads in magazines in your city. After all, it was thanks to Facebook that I chose my driving school!

Do you have an online business? That does not mean that you should only promote yourself on social networks. Many companies, even the web, participate heavily in events and trade shows, which are one of the most successful sales channels.

9. Find a way to establish yourself as an expert in your field

And I give you the key here: Write a blog. I’ve already talked about why you have to have a blog for your small business here. You will love the article, which is one of the favourites in my community: Create a blog to increase sales of your company!

10. Create a spectacular network of contacts

Have you learned how important relationships are also for business? And thanks to the internet, you can network much faster and regardless of geographic distances (if you have an international business), through social networks, especially Linked In and Twitter that is more professional social networks.

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