2VR smartphone virtual reality headset – review

Thought I would give the 2VR smartphone virtual reality headset a try, for only $20 I was impressed it shipped to me within 2 days and my smartphone fit like a glove. This thing has dozens of benefits one of the great ones is for taking pictures no more unstable pictures or blurry pictures this makes your phone as stable as your head compared to your shaky hands. I highly recommend it for movies, games and all kinds of apps. The website might load a little bit slow but its worth the wait. 2VR is extremely innovative, hands free, thin, mobile and fits right in your pocket!

Today, we have unlimited access to information. We can easily access photos, videos, and text via our smartphones. The one media lacking instant access is virtual reality. 2VR addresses this, turning our flat 2D media, into 360 degrees of awesomeness you can explore anywhere.

Here are some reviewed features.
2VR allows you to view hands free, this really allows you to fully immerse yourself in all the great VR content. What makes this possible are specially designed ear grips that comfortably balance the phone on your face. Being hands-free truly allows you to immerse yourself in the content. Might sound uncomfortable but its really not at all.

2VR is the first hands free VR headset that fits in your pocket. 2VR is so thin it fits practically anywhere! Allows you to watch wherever whenever. Many people leave their VR headsets at home, why not take it with you when you’re on the go; whether going to your local coffee shops, a friend’s house, or traveling the world. 2VR is at your fingertips.

Each package includes 2VR FABRIC, and immersive cover that doubles as a protective sleeve! I like having this around for when I put it in my pocket.

How To Use 2VR
Open VR content on your smartphone
Insert your smartphone
Wear 2VR just like any pair of glasses
Enter a new world, and enjoy!

Phone Sizes
2VR holds smartphones of all sizes. I’ve tested most Androids and Apple smartphones, everything from 4″ (iTouch) to 5.5″ screens (iPhone 6s Plus)!

2VR Specifications
34mm Lenses for optimum FOV
Soft Rubber Phone Grips to allow for any movement while wearing 2VR while keeping your phone safe!
Ergonomic Ear Grips designed to comfortably wrap around your ears
Rotating Front Arms used to holds most smart phones! Make sure your phone is fully pressed in. I recommend taking off your case or using a thin case. Large cases may fit but are not recommended.
Adjustable Temple Lengths We are all different, 2VR allows users to adjust the temples to work for you!
Nose Padding to comfort your nose
Immersive Every 2VR package includes 2VR FABRIC an immersive cover that functions as a portable sleeve as well!

All in all I was very satisfied with the 2VR how fast it shipped and the durability / comfort. It takes games, movies pictures and apps to a whole new level. I originally bought it for taking pictures but have been using lately for movies it really makes it feel like your right there in the movie.

If you want to get your hands on the 2VR smartphone virtual reality headset be sure to check out the link, you will be glad you did, I sure was.

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