5 Ultimate Tips to Personalize Your Smartphone in the Way Yo

In 2017, we use android smartphone for more than just a calling our mom. We are no longer restricted to separate products to perform specific operation. For instance, we no need calculator anymore, iPod and MP3 players are optional and computer is just a big screen smartphones. Personalizing this ultimate device is fun and very easy to do. We have multiple options to make over the smartphones whether it is android or iPhone.

1. Mobile Case

We are starting personalizing our android phone, considering redmi 4a with a suitable mobile cover. You can hunt out any mobile accessory online, whether you’re looking for redmi 4a back cover or flip cover you can find them easily at myandroidphone.in. Before picking up a suitable accessories for your smartphone decide which type of case you need. Cases ranges from printed to plain, wallet to window, and rugged to sinper cases. Buy the one which suits your phone, like we can choose and solid case or printed back cover for redmi 4a.

2. Theme & Wallpaper

Now we come to the actual customization of phone. For instance if you picked a star wars inspired redmi 4a back cover, download the star wars inspired theme. You can optionally choose to download star wars wallpaper from Google. This will make the actual impression to your friend that how much nerdy are you for some fan fictions.

3. Ringtone

After picking up a cover and a niche inspired wallpaper, the third step is picking up a suitable ringtone. Though many latest themes comes with ringtone embedded, few may miss or if in case you don’t like. Download it from Google. You can also pickup ringtone app from play store.

4. Boot Logo

If you want to play with system files, then we have two more tasks to complete. Changing boot logo is another fun way to personalize your phone. To perform this you need to root your phone. You can either search for a way to change boot logo or search for app which help you to do so. Be cautious that it may cause boot loop.

5. Boot Animation

You can also try flashing a custom boot animation. Boot animation comes after boot logo after switching your device ON. This also is a subject to risk, do not flash any heavy boot animation.


In this article we have revealed all the best tips to customize your smartphone in the way you like. As we have several options to attempt, we suggest you to be cautious while attempting the last two i.e, customizing your boot logo and boot animation. Rooting your android phone shall voids warranty, also your phone is prone to security breaches. However, if you’re an advance user you can opt-in for all the available options. But it is highly recommended to use precautions like having a full nandroid backup.

Sequence wise, first we look out for specific redmi 4a back cover, then we applied specific theme with wallpaper then ringtone. In other two steps we flashed custom boot logo and in next step the boot animation. Have fun doing these.

Hi I am Rahul Malhotra, founder of My Android Phone. You can check out cool Redmi 4A back cover from Myandroidphone.in

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