In this competitive business world, retail partnerships can be a good addition to a brand’s marketing mix. It can result in additional exposure and revenue, and both parties end up happy with more customers and sales. They provide increased reach, stretching of marketing budgets and positive brand associations. Just as important as choosing the right partner is ensuring that your partnerships are relevant in retail environments. To ensure that your partnership is a Success, you not only have to invest the time and effort to findpotential partners, but you also need to carefully craft the terms of your agreement to ensure that costs and responsibilities are clear to both businesses
At Christian Chapman Art Studio, we recognize that success in business is a team effort and that support of our retail partners plays a vital role in the continued success of our artworks and paintings online store. From a dedicated sales team to a multifunctional administrative and communications team, we will be there to help you every step of the way.
We seek retail partners from Art galleries, artwork stores, Surf shops, and Ocean Art Stores, Music and Fashion stores. Even, if you are not any of them, then also if you are confident of selling our products, we will help you. We are selective in choosing new retail partners, and we seek partners who understand our vision and business objectives.
You can add value to the look and feel of your stores by promoting our products in addition to the revenue you earn. Our team can make your stores look amazing with top class and awesome artworks hung all around on your walls or reception area in your stores.
Why our Retail Partnerships Program is for you?
• Additional Revenue: With an extra line of products from internationally acclaimed Artist, in-store can enable you to cater more customer expectations leading to more opportunities to sell and earn more revenues.
• Great offers, deals, and margins for our retail partners
• We provide you with all promotional material from in-store advertising, banners, leaflets and tri-fold product brochures.
• No joining fee.
• Brand Protection: We take care of our brand protection and the risk of pricing and reselling is taken off of you. We are responsible for any product replacements or repairs, offering you a risk-free service to promote in stores.
How to become a retail partner with us?
• Download and read our Retailing partner agreement.
• Fill our online application Form.
• We will contact you back with the approval.
• Our team will assist you in the setup of you in-store product line for our products.
At Christian Chapman Art, we have stellar relationships with retailers and we value the trusted partnerships we’ve earned with them. With a high level of customer service and superior, eco-friendly products, Christian Chapman Art offers them a relationship that is second-to-none.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or you want to find out more about becoming a retail partner, send us an email at, we’d love to hear from you!
Contact us today to learn about all of the benefits of partnering with us on (123) 1235 – 4567.

Light up your home or office with some familiar faces, framed in beautiful, vibrant compositions by Australian artist Christian Chapman.

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Christian Chapman is uniquely compelling in its own way. With over 20 years of art practice under his belt Christian has learnt to bring his unique perspective to make almost any subject sing with beauty, but it has rarely served him better than in his portraits of famous and beautiful women.

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