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Brands across the globe aren’t happy with their agencies and this is evident from a report from Wall Street Journal. The report puts that more $30 billion of advertising spending is up for review. But it is tip of the iceberg the brand spent on ads and other promotional material in last three years.

Who should be blamed for this mess? There are so many ad agencies but only a handful of the agencies are capable of delivering results. What is more depressing is that these agencies are incapable of cutting costs and also they’ve no clear policy for determining fees. In the midst of this mess, there’s been a surge of small agencies that are ready to grab jobs that big companies stand to lose. In this grim situation, how would you find the best marketing company Edmonton for your business?

First, do your research

It isn’t that you won’t do any research on ad agencies but that the research you do isn’t sufficient for locating right advertising firm that can fulfill your marketing needs. Some brands are so excited about ad agencies that they often cut their research to drive ad agencies into long-term contracts. In addition to visiting websites of marketing companies and taking word of mouth your competitors, you should also go through trade publications like Ad Age and Ad Week that give an insight into the ad world.

Dig into the case studies

Ad agencies know how to amaze clients with beautiful PowerPoint presentations and promises. But you should make any opinion on any ad company only after going through its work. If you find any agency not able to substantiate its promises with its work, you should tick it off from your list of potential ad agencies. Find case studies of agencies on their sites and also you can look at social media for case studies.

Make sure they measure

An agency might feel satisfied after bagging a project but it shouldn’t forget measuring the success in order to prepare report for its clients. A branding company Edmonton should have a visible and reliable process of monitoring results. By monitoring results, an agency can establish key performance metrics it can track for your brand. Just working on a project isn’t enough until the results show that the work done is beneficial for the business.

Look for the spark

Hiring an ad agency is like investing in the personal skills, knowledge and experience of a professional. When you deal with an ad company, you actually deal with a marketing professional. But you rely more on the company than the team behind the company. You should try seeing behind the agency and contact the team that will create and manage your marketing strategies.


Ask yourself, which agencies can fulfill your need; what qualities do you need in a marketing professional like whether you need website design Edmonton and how much time and money you are ready to invest in marketing and promotion of your business. Once you are clear on your goals, you can easily find right ad agency for your business.

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