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you must have seen many photographers taking pictures at weddings of the important moments like the ceremony, wedding couples dance, cake and so on. These moments are very precious and should not be missed. Apart from these, there should be many other pictures. Since the couple about to get married, invite all their loved ones for their wedding, it is important to take pictures of your guests.

Wedding photos should be taken properly. People like to look at these photos and remember the ceremony. A wedding is a time when all your friends and family are going to be together. Everyone will be well dressed. Hence, the wedding pictures should be taken by experts. People like to hire a photographer for this purpose. However, with changing times, people have started looking for other options. Photo booths have become a popular way of taking pictures. People love to take wedding pictures and

It is truly captivating how motion capture always amazed the audience with a realistic feeling. With the endless possibilities of MoCap, it is proven that it has simplify the animation process. Motion capture became also popular not only in the world of animation and films but also in other scopes of media. Here's to know more!

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Korean drama music is one of the best music forms out of all Korean music. Actually, K-drama music is the basic Korean music that has been used as a background music in most of the Korean dramas. Korean music is becoming so popular in all over the world because of perfect fusion of mind blowing music and drama story.