Chiang Mai is the third largest city of Thailand and is the education capital of the country. There is a great need for English teachers for the public and international schools and the remuneration is good enough for you live a happy life in Thailand.

Are you avoiding the hiring process because you think your business doesn’t need additional help? You may be putting undue stress on your employees as well as your business. Consider a few indicators to make the decision. A businessman often thinks that he doesn’t need to hire new employees to increase the expenditure. But, there are a few indicators that will show you the real picture. They will reveal whether you need additional help to achieve your business goals.

An employer brand is not simply about how you market to and handle new recruits. That's because it's also about how you treat your current workforce, clients and customers. If your employees are happy in their positions at your company, they are more likely to say all of the right things about their brand to their friends, family and jobseekers, whereas if the opposite is true, they will likely discourage others from applying.

Charities and non-profits are under an increasing amount of pressure to attract top talent to their organisations. With cuts to government funding, charities now have to rely mainly on their employees and volunteers to help them generate income. However, these cuts also mean that Recruitment Agency budgets are limited and the salaries on offer in the charity sector are significantly lower than within other sectors. This can make it hard for non-profit organisations to attract the talent they s

if you are a fresher and want to find out a good occupation you must enlist your name with a renowned job consultancy. Job consultancies work between job seekers and employers and both the fields are directly depended on a job consultancy for their personal benefits. This article will explore many unknown facts that you are going to face as a fresher candidate. Read it carefully and be benefitted.

Social media no doubt provides one of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your brand, and it should form a key part of any 21st-century marketing strategy. However, while your business might spend thousands creating branded posts, you should not overlook the benefits of encouraging your employees to help out by spreading the word about what it's like to work at your company.

It's vital, for example, to keep a fully responsive and up-to-date database of talented individuals who possess the skills and experience to be a success at your company. In busy environments, it can be tempting to simply pool your information about such candidates into a spreadsheet, but this may be difficult to use when the time does come for you to seek out new staff.

This is a shame, because feedback forms can enhance the hiring process of any kind of company, whether a huge conglomerate or humble boutique. At its core, a feedback form presents a basic side-by-side comparison of your interview candidates, showing who gave the best answers to your questions and what their strengths are.

It should go without saying that the delivery of a positive candidate experience is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process. Not only will you want to get the best out of potential hires during this process, but you will also want them to enjoy the experience and associate your brand with positive characteristics, whatever the outcome of their application.

Finding an employee that will make a long-lasting difference to your organisation isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Of course, training and development can play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your workforce, but starting out by hiring the right employees is essential. To assist you in finding the right candidates for your vacant position, we have put together five actionable tips.