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We have compiled a list of Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and with this you would also get to see Best Attackers and Defenders of Pokemon Go. Next time I get a Chansey I am gonna deliver a lot of blows to him. This is taken from various online resources and backend data of pokemon go app by a developer from Reddit

Paintballing is a game that is loved by people of all ages. Being in a set with protective gear, helmets and a replicated gun to fire colour balls at the opponent team is a fun and adventurous sport that almost everyone loves. There are separate playing grounds for paintballing in several countries, and people love to indulge in it with equal enthusiasm where they get to have fun and spend quality time meeting new people.

In the world of card games there are usually two types of titles. You either have games that are basically luck-themed and there are others that do require a good amount of strategy in order to win. Some people are inclined to like the ones that focus more on luck.

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