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It is not just for the employee applying for a visa under the employment category but the things at the quite difficult at the employer’s end also. It is not that easy for an US corporation to hire an immigrant employee because it wants to do so. The employer not only need to make

H1B visa is the rightful visa classification that permits foreign nationals to work in United States of America for a limited period of time. Candidates aspiring for working with the top IT companies in America generally form the largest league of applicants opting for this kind of visa. Once a person qualifies for a job in any of the US corporations, the next step is getting an entry to the country.

With changing dynamics how other services have changed and gone digital the same rule applies to Legal services to. The changing dynamics in more vibrant in case of immigration law services.US immigration which has starting evolving from very early days, as early as 1790 because just after independence the country needed new workforce to drive the economic growth of the new country.

The process of getting an EB-5 Immigrant investor is generally not a tough thing compared to applying for US visa under other categories. The worrisome part of the process is the long standing and time consuming process. In fact EB5 Immigrant investor visa is quite different from other categories of visa.

This might look like a ,but obvious question but the answer to this is actually no. To understand matter better one need to first understand the meaning of B1 visa and what is the importance of the same. B1 visa can be defined as a specialized visa category meant for immigrant travelers coming to United States of America for the purpose doing short term business activities

So this can be the most confusing case of a business traveler to United States. Filling extension of your visa Status with USCIS though not a complicated process but one needs to follow certain steps so that he/she do not fall under the trap of confusion. A complete denial from the authorities

Special occasions or corporate events can turn into a disaster if you don't know how to deal with the guests and comfort them with maximum security. Moreover, managing the guests becomes quite hasty for the organisers in cases of significant events. Considering this fact, various companies have come up with teams of highly experienced security guards, especially skilled for handling special occasions. However, before you settle down for any of the security companies in Toronto, it is essential f

There are also people with some extra ordinary capabilities and who are into certain professions which doesn’t require the professional degree are the people who qualify for an O & P visa category. O & P can also be defined as a work related immigration category for people who don’t fall under the regular employment related visa

Getting an employment based visa for USA is always more confusing compared to getting visa for other requirements. The scenario can change completely depending upon the type of employment like permanent or part time or the same can change as per the skill set of employees. One of the common employment based visa is H1B

For a brand, company, organization or service provider trademark bears high significance as it about the protection of the representations, expressions, symbols and designs of its products or services from copying or stealing. Even though is it a tedious and time consuming process, brands definitely opt to apply for trademark registrations and secure their official expressions.