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Today, indoor biking equipment has become highly popular due to the numerous advantages that it offers. It is the equipment that works on the same principle like that of the traditional bike. There is no need to get down to use the bike. The people that have this kind of exercise machine at the house can start a healthier lifestyle.

The tubes and bands are clearly marked with their resistance weight. The four rubber loops were individually packaged and have their own carrying bag that makes it easy to keep them separate. The door adapter is very easy to use. Our front door is the only door that works space-wise for exercising, and it has a screen door in front of it.

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2 tittles in a row for the Junior’s. Host (India) defeated Belgium (2-1) in the Final of Junior Hockey world cup . India has registered this Tittle for the 2nd time. In 2001 the junior Hockey Team had repeated the same thing. Excellent goals from Gurjant Singh and Simranjeet Singh in the 1st half, put India in a comfort zone against the visitors. In the first half itself Indian players made sure that Belgium don’t get any opportunities to bounce back in the game.

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