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Founder and President, Richard Valentine, P.E. established Advantage Engineering Technologies in 2003. Our goal is to provide quality services to our valued customers in various fields including Commercial Construction, HVAC & MEP Contracting, Industrial and Manufacturing. Most of our services offered range from Shop/Coordinating drawings, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Pipe Fabrication Drawings and Design-Build / Design-Assist projects. However, we also specialize in HVAC design & drawin

Accidents can happen anytime, when it comes to a phone and tablet screens. You need to be in touch with the popular mobile phone repair stores. The screen can get damaged when its least expected. This is the reason why you should look for help straightaway. An iPhone or iPad is not only expensive but also very complicated, so it should be repaired from the best Apple iPad repair store.

Mobile phone repairing business is growing in the same speed as the Smartphone market. With more and more people now using smart phones, the mobile phone repair business is bound to grow. People who want a deep understanding on mobile phone repairing from the business point of view, it is necessary for them to know a few of the basic theories and also do some practical training.

Sometimes we mistakenly click on the delete button of some important files or reports. It has happened with almost everybody. But there is always a chance to recover deleted files. This means the files deleted is never lost forever, they are still stored in the hard drive or the flash drive and it is possible to recover all those deleted files. The deleted files can only be recovered when the data recovery process is done quickly.

The emergence of high quality 4K HD Touch Display makes a new and impressive mark in large-scale interactive displays. Standard HD screens and sophisticated components make it performs four times much better than normal screen quality. With the launch of this advanced technology, world of interaction has been moved beyond HD enjoying the luxury features and outstanding performance.