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Third-genders face extreme difficulties in society occasionally, and this article will describe the educational problems faced by their community. Education is an equal right of every human being and no one can take educational decision for another individual. The big problem of our society is that we think ourselves superior to others and treat them with worst behaviors.

This article is a mirror reflection of Educational system of a country. It describes the bad policies that hinder the progress of literacy rate. Education system includes all institutes that are providing educational facilities. The educational system is constructed with the targets of providing education to the students of public and private schools at federal or provincial level.

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In today’s competitive job market, many candidates primarily focus on acing their interview and perhaps rightly so. Although it’s a fact that interviews are often a do-or-die situation where an employer decides whether you are a perfect fit for the vacant position; you first have to land those interviews. It’s imperative that you don’t derail the process before it even begins. Precisely for this reason, you need to avoid certain mistakes while applying for jobs so that you can advance to a stag

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