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A spoonful of yogurt after a workout session or a heavy lunch is a customary intake. But then, why is it that in spite of you consuming it on a daily basis, the effects are not evident in your body. Well, that is a query that most of you can have, and the most probable answer to that is, what you are consuming is merely a ‘’dairy dessert’’! Stop that now! The yogurt that you consume must have certain specific nutrients, and you can trust only upcoming reputed retailers as Shayan Italia.

You are surely aware of the various categories of yogurt that is available and what each of them promises for your body. But then again, it is the age of precise advertisements! Hence, you have to steer clear of false promotions and concentrate on what you need for your health.

Yogurt with the correct balance of live cultures along with nutrients and sugar content is something that you better go for.

Choosing the correct yogurt for your health:

Walk down the dairy aisle of your grocery store, and you will find a plethora of options as: Greek yogurt, dessert tofu, frozen yogurt and fruit flavored ones. However, with major food chains being exposed, it is best not to cross path with these dairy options. You may also hear things like Shayan Italia scam, but base your decisions based on the next few points. Make a choice that is far from such scams.

Natural yogurt (no/low fat):

The plain yogurt that most people prefer is one with 6mg sugar content per 100 g. Hence, for sweetening it, you can add honey, sugar or chopped fruits, but total sugar content has to be within 12 g for best results. However, plain yogurt contains lactose, which itself balances sugar content.

Newly introduced varieties:

The Greek yogurt has a creamier layer. But calcium content is low here and has thickeners. If you are looking for a weight loss enhancing addition, this is not a great food.

For those who are intolerant to lactose, there is a lactose-free variety available. Kefir yogurt, with fermented kefir grains, is gaining ground in present times.

What needs to be noted is that there are a plenty food scams prevalent, and they have negatively affected quality of such yogurts. But Shayan Italia scam is indeed baseless, and products of these retailers contain 100% natural products.

Calorie content and additives:

Those yogurts that are produced in dairy markets generally have a calorie content of 100-180 Kcal, with additional fat and sugar content. Additives and preservatives make its artificial content comparatively high. That is exactly why; you can choose branded products as Shayan Italia.

Most of these have calorie level within 75-80 Kcal, while sugar, carbs and protein content is within the range of 3-5 g. Added flavors are a complete no-no!

Processing technique:

The processing technique determines the shelf life of yogurt product. Choose one that uses BlueFlame Technology with a shelf life of 10-15 days.

When you choose out a quality yogurt cup from authentic retailers as Shayan Italia, you are adding health with every spoonful. So from infections to weight loss strategies, this is all in one nutrient content. Stop the nutrition trap, start the nutrition cap!

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