Comparing Our Easy Run Engine Test Stands

Today, we want to highlight something we have had a lot of happy customers come to us with about our engine test stands.

What’s the difference between the Professional, Shop and Custom Series engine run stands?

That’s a great question! Let’s take a look at what makes each of our engine test stands unique.

Custom Series Engine Test Stands

If you’re a hobbyist or a car collector, the Custom Series model is right for you! In most cases you already have a lot tools stored away in your garage just waiting to be used, and are only missing an engine test stand.

What makes this stand unique is its customizability. Unlike the other stands we offer, our Custom Series is for the DIY, for those who need only so much from an engine test stand. We provide you the basic stand needed to test an engine, you decide whether you want the options we suggest or start testing with what you have. Above all, it’s cheaply priced, making this the option to choose if you’re looking to save yourself a lot of money.

A Custom Series model is easily storable and takes minutes to assemble, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space in your garage during times you’re not testing your engine. We offer free shipping on our Custom Series model, making this an extremely good deal for those who don’t need all the features our other stands have.

Shop Series Engine Test Stands

Do you need an engine test stand, but have a spare radiator to test your engine? If you’ve answered yes, one of our Shop Series models is what you need!

Our Shop Series model is great for those who already have a separate cooling system available. It’s a great option for someone who spends too much time on their car in the garage, or for a small shop dedicated to car maintenance and engine troubleshooting. It includes many of the same features a Professional Series engine test stand has, minus a complete cooling system and accessory kit.

Professional Series Engine Test Stands

What if you don’t need just one, but ten engine test stands for your engine rebuilding business? Our Professional Series engine test stands is exactly what you want! It comes with everything you ever will need out of an engine test stand. It comes with a fully wired dash panel, a complete wiring system, a cooling system and a complete accessory kit not found with the other stands. They’re quick to set up and get rolling into your garage. You’ll be able to put them to work for a long time thanks to a powder coating and its silver plating.

If you go through many engines daily and want them roaring out of your shop into the sunset, the Professional Series engine test stand is certainly the right pick for you.

We’ve highlighted the main differences in our engine test stands. Do you have any questions? Whether you are a new or returning customer, don’t be scared to talk to us! We’re on the other side of the line ready to provide tech line service and address any unanswered questions.

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