It is no secret that everyone loves chicken wings, especially cute kittens. Fight your cat’s insatiable appetite by feeding him food straight from the production line. Your furry friend does not know the difference between good and bad food so, it is up to you to provide a balanced diet. Feed the cat as much chicken wings, onion rings, canned tuna and gold fish as you can but beware…. Not every item on the production line is healthy for your pet. Keep your kitty healthy by avoiding trash on the conveyor belt.

If you love cats or playing Nyan Cat, you’re bound to love Curly Wings. Feed your hungry feline and get the most points possible! Download Curly Wings for free now!

How to play-
Curly Wings is an addicting arcade-style game where your job is to feed your cat as much chicken wings, or curly wings, as possible. Just tap the screen to feed your cat ‘Curly Wings’ from the production line. Collect bonus items like onion rings, canned tuna and gold fish to receive in-game currency, unlock exclusive content and beat the game. Beware of items that will make your kitty sick, like old socks and rotten fish. Also, watch out for dynamite! Selecting one of these items destroys onion rings, an essential food for beating the game.

• Collect as many ‘curly wings’ and onion wings as you can
• Avoid spoiled food that can make your cat sick
• Collect onion rings to advance the game and purchase cute outfits for your cat
• Suitable for all ages

About Curly Wings:
Curly Wings is a company that was created with the mission and vision to inspire children and young entrepreneurs of all ages to follow their dreams and passion. 10% of all proceeds from the game and any other Curly Wings venture will be donated to the Floogiel Foundation to support at-risk children.

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Curly Wings The GameCurly Wings Best Game for Cat Lovers indeed

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