Deals Rummy rules and how to play it to win:

Deals Rummy relatively takes very little time to complete and hence regarded as one of the fastest. Let us now look into the rules of Deals Rummy and the way it is played in detail.
Prerequisites of Deals Rummy:
This Rummy can be played with two to six players with more than one pack of 53 cards including a printed joker each pack.

Objective of Deals Rummy;
At the beginning of the game, the players are provided with the chips equivalent to the number of deals pre-decided. The player with the highest number of chips at the end of the deals gets to win the game.

How to play Deals Rummy:
Deals Rummy starts with chips getting allocated to each of the players at the beginning of the game as per the pre-decided deals. Each player is provided with 13 cards just like any other Rummy game plus a wild card gets randomly selected to play the role of a joker. This game commences with a random toss which decides who starts the game first. A player needs to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one plus a set to win the game. When the pre-decided deals are completed, the player who holds the highest number of chips wins the game.

Points system:
If a player is holding a chip it means he is carrying equivalent point. In short, one chip equals one point. Since the game is decided on number of pre-decided deals a player does not lose the match immediately after losing a single deal. He is permitted to take on subsequent deals and come up with a better performance.

How the points are given each card:
The points given to a card are same as the number depicted in it. For example, a card carrying 2 of any suit will be given 2 points and likewise a card carrying 8 of any suit will be given 8 points. However, all the high value cards i.e. A, K, Q and J is given 10 points each. A person who lost the game will have his points calculated based on the value of cards which remain unmatched i.e. cards that remain having not grouped under any sequence or set.

Points for dropping:

When a bad Rummy is felt with literally zero chance of making it better dropping is the sane solution that a player must do. When this decision is taken, it must be done immediately at the beginning of the game itself so that he can lose with lesser points. A middle drop may prove costly and you may end up losing with a maximum of 80 points, especially in a two-player game.

In a multi-player game, the first drop will cost you 20 points and a middle drop can cost you 40 points.

Winner’s points:
The winner at the end of all pre-decided deals will get his winnings as given below:
Winnings = (Entry fee) x (No. Of players) – website fees.

Deals rummy is one of the popular Indian rummy variant, usually played during festival and wedding parties. Deals rummy is easy to learn game, and also available online.

Online deals rummy rules are very like our traditional rules of playing rummy. You can learn how to play rummy by reading this content.

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