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If you’re looking for a web designer, you would feel a bit overwhelmed. Number of professionals that can design websites is in millions and it is increasing day-by-day. In this situation, you need making sure you don’t end up hiring and paying a company who sucks.

The first thing you should know about searching a better web designer is what questions to ask or how to interview the potential advertising agency Edmonton. And most people don’t know what to ask. If you don’t have good knowledge on web design and development, it will be difficult for you to interview a designer. If you think that you can download questions related to website designing from the web then how would you make sure that the answers provided by the designer are correct?

Difference between a designer, developer and an implementer

A website designer is the person that creates look and gives a definite theme to websites. He selects colors; develops logo and determine layout of the site. Once the design and layout are ready, the site goes for development, where a developer makes the site functional. There is an implementer that comes in between a designer and developer. If you need a designer then you shouldn’t hire an implementer.

Why this matters?

Often people end up hiring a developer when they need a designer. Sometimes an implementer is better suited for the job but people keep pursuing designers that have no time to take extra load.

Let’s understand who you should hire with examples

You’re making a parenting website for which you have following needs:

• Educate people about the business
• Schedule appoints of customers
• Sell mailing list to visitors
• Communicate with customers

These are the general tasks a website does and there are many CMS plugins that can equip your website design Edmonton with the above discussed functions. In short, you don’t need a super-custom site for the simple site. But if you want to improve functionality of your site like you want to sell goods like educational toys and kids clothes from the site then you need improving the site. You need a custom site with following features:

• SSL payment gateway
• Inventory management between ecommerce site and physical store
• Different levels of access for employees and customers to help in processing of orders

Still have queries in mind, if yes then continue reading

Who’ll develop my site?

Yes, you should know who the developer of your site is. Once the design is final, it will be sent for development. To create a fully functional website, you need design and development services. A designer will create face of the site and a developer will make it functional.

An ad agency that provides services like logo design Edmonton should also provide development services. There are many factors to consider and there are many things that come into play when it comes to choosing a better web designer. Hope that this discussion helps you find the right person or company to design and develop your site.

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