DIY Carpet Cleaning Service is not recommended your Office

Does your home or office in London have carpets spread all over it? Do you want to keep them dust and dirt free with DIY carpet cleaning services in London? Walking on the dirty or stained carpets can be a frustrating experience for you as a homeowner or office owner. When you decide to treat the stains and odors of carpets on your own, they may get back to your after a few days time, causing various health problems. It is a very common problem for the carpet owners who try carpet cleaning in London on their own mainly because they don’t have the experience, skills and tools of a professional carpet cleaning service provider available in the area. Not only your DIY carpet cleaning efforts can be ineffective, but also may go wrong damaging the carpet that can reduce its appeal and longevity too. Below is given a list of things identified by the carpet cleaning experts which you should avoid in order to prevent your DIY carpet cleaning services from going wrong.

1. Excess Scrubbing: When you encounter coffee/tea spill marks or other stains in your London home or office carpet, you tend to scrub the stained area hard in order to clear it. You should not scrub so hard to remove stains from the carpet as it may damage the carpet fibers and compromise its look and life. The best trick you can try for stain removal from carpets is steam carpet cleaning or blotting.

2. Delayed Action: You should immediately act after coming across a stain on London home or office carpet, because the delay may allow the stain to sit permanently and get difficult to clear out. Not responding fast to a stain will not only let it absorb into the underlying layer of the carpet but also deposit there for longer. If this occurs, the chance of bad smell and mold development increases.

3. Wrong Kind of Cleaning Products: All the carpets are not same and should therefore cleaned with the most appropriate cleaning solutions. Using a cleaning product in DIY London carpet cleaning services that does not suit your carpet may result in fading and damage of the carpet. You will have to do an in-depth research at the time of purchasing cleaning solutions to be sure that it is perfect for cleaning your carpet.

4. Untested and Unsafe Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning the carpet with a wrong kind of cleaning solution may cause great damage and add to your expenses. Hence, you need to apply a small amount of it in an invisible area of the carpet first to see how the carpet reacts. It will save you from the disastrous experience of facing any unpleasant reaction on the entire surface of the carpet.

5. Overuse of Deodorizing Alternatives: Deodorizing agents are there to include in your DIY carpet cleaning services in London for removing bad odours from the carpet but they can never be an alternative for cleaning liquids. Over usage of these products may lead to unwanted deposits in your carpet that may not even go away with vacuum cleaning.

6. Choice of Chemical Cleaners in Place of Organic Cleaners: Choosing chemicals for your London carpet cleaning service may damage and create residue. So, try using eco-friendly or organic cleaners in stead of chemical cleaners.

7. Not Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London: It is normally advised by carpet makers to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned once in a year for perfect look and condition. Dust, dirt, and other waste particles go deep into the carpet fibers and need professional carpet cleaning services in London to get removed fully. These services will work best to ensure you a perfectly clean carpet with enhanced look and an extended life.

8. Renting Poorly Performing Cleaning Equipment: Most of you don’t have the proper equipment to start cleaning the carpet but may be thinking to rent it soon. However, carpet cleaning equipment rental may not help much as poorly performing machines can ruin your cleaning experience completely.

If you like DIY projects and feel interested in doing carpet cleaning in London home on you own, take care of all the above described points as they may really make your carpet look worse than before. If you are not comfortable with the idea of cleaning the carpet on your own, consider hiring any professional carpet cleaning services in London provider to do the job beyond perfection.

This article is published by Glory Clean, a CSSA approved cleaning company providing quality and effective cleaning solutions to customers in and around Greater London. To enjoy the best in class carpet cleaning services in London, Glory Clean can be reached at 0207 118 0866.

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