Educational Problems Faced by Third Genders

Third-genders face extreme difficulties in society occasionally, and this article will describe the educational problems faced by their community. Education is an equal right of every human being and no one can take educational decision for another individual. The big problem of our society is that we think ourselves superior to others and treat them with worst behaviors.

Third-Genders face this treatment at fullest because according to the societal dictionary, they’re neither males nor females which make them less of a human. Third-genders face severe educational problems and end up being illiterate.We treat them like they are cursed and take the right of equal education from them. This article will further discuss the educational problems faced by third-genders.

1. Admission Problems:
The initial problem for third-genders appears at the first step toward education i.e. admission in school. When they go to school to get admitted, they are asked several irrelevant questions and, at the end,informed that admission cannot be given because having them in school will make other kids uncomfortable. Even if schools agree to admit them, they demand heavy dues to accommodate. This thing makes education acquisition difficult at the very first step.

2. Inequality:
Third-genders face extreme inequality problem in educational institutes. Teachers don’t treat them right. They prefer other girls and boys on third-genders and make them feel inferior. This attitude of teachers encourages students to do the same. Children don’t make third-genders their friend but rather make fun of them in groups. Third-genders face this inequality every day at school, which results in lower educational performance.

3. Criticism and bad-mouthing:
Teachers and students follow the uncivilized mindset and criticize third-genders severely to make them feel bad. Third-genders also face bad-mouthing in school because everybody talks wrongly of them and never say good stuff about them. The teachers and students, both, together make third-genders’ educational experience worst.

4. Difficulty in finding tutor:
Some third-genders choose to go for private studies in order to avoid bad comments of fellows in schools, but once again, the problem appears. They face extreme difficulty in finding a tutor for private educational purposes because it’s not possible to understand everything all by themselves so they do need a professional assistance.

5. Improper living environment:
Third-genders live in their community because they get kicked out by their immediate families. Living in a third-gender community, it’s impossible for anyone of them to concentrate on their studies properly as their environment is not appropriate. Third-genders conduct dance functions and parties which are not good for a student. Due to such an environment, third-genders find it problematic to continue their studies with passion and zeal.

6. Insufficient family support:
Even if third-genders don’t get abandoned by their families, they still don’t acquire much attention from family members. Their parents and siblings treat them differently and are negligent regarding their needs and desires. They deny their educational bills and offer no help regarding the understanding of academic topics.

There is a dire need for change in the mindset of the society as a whole and the governments should make sure of equal education opportunity for this misunderstood faction of society.

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