Effective Removal Guide to Delete MaskSearch.com

MaskSearch.com is categorized as a browser hijacker for it attracts traffic through striving to get hold of the legit browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It makes use of social engineering tactics to hijack web browsers when users are surfing the Web. It will first change users’ default homepage and start page to its own domain URL by modifying browser settings. Furthermore, its web search provider can be changed to http://MaskSearch.com unnoticeably. The redirect virus displays adware pop-ups on browsers to deceive customers and drag down the speed of computer. To achieve all of its aims, the redirect virus won’t allow computer users to revert the settings manually.

Know about MaskSearch.com Redirect Virus

MaskSearch.com attacks a computer in a variety of ways. It often utilizes the “bundling” technique to enter into a computer; in another word, it usually comes bundled with freeware or shareware downloaded unsafe sources. Once you download shareware or freeware associated with the redirect virus, the virus will be dropped and executed on your system without your consent. Beyond that, users may download this redirect virus while they are browsing malicious websites or any legitimate sites hacked by hackers. The virus is so cunny that it can insert its vicious components on attachments in Email to trap unwary users. If users click on the attachment to open it, the redirect virus will take the chance to slip into their computers stealthily. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when clicks links or you may get unexpected infection.

It is suggested to eliminate the unwanted site from the computer immediately once it has penetrated into the computer. The virus may add its additional browser extensions or add-ons to web browser to track user’s browsing histories and collect confidential information if it cannot be deleted in time. This means your confidential data can be exposed to third party overall. Besides, this redirect virus may also bring other threats, such as Trojan horses, spywares, adware, worms and keyloggers, which can lead to more severe problems. Thus, please get rid of MaskSearch.com instantly once it is found on the PC in order to prevent further damages.

Dangers of MaskSearch.com Redirect Virus

1. It is capable to control the browser settings of Mozilla Firewall, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera.

2. It displays unwanted pop-ups advertisements on browsers. If users click on those pop-ups, they may be linked to some suspicious websites.

3. It installs unwanted add-ons, toolbars or plug-ins onto users’ browsers, in order to collect users’ confidential information lick IP address, usernames, passwords, email address and browsing tendency.

4. It may close or block the running antivirus programs and open ports of operating system and connect to remote server to allow additional cyber threats to install on the infected computer without consent. It can also modify the system settings and lower the security levels, leading to unstable system performance.

5. It will drastically reduce system performance if it succeeds in getting inside the system. This causes the computer to run slowly and sluggishly.

Why Antivirus Programs Can’t Remove the Redirect Virus?

Many computer users may resort to antivirus programs to remove the virus. However, this browser hijacker can pretend to be a harmless browser plug-in and avoid being picked up or removed by the security tools. In most cases, people experience weird browser activities but cannot find anything suspicious on their PCs after scanning system with antivirus software. Unfortunately there is not a universal tool that can remove MaskSearch.com completely and perfectly so far. None of antivirus software or anti-spyware program can remove this latest infection alone because it seems that the virus creators has learn all kinds of security software well and they know how to make the virus infections escape the dumb pre-defined security software obviously. If this is the case, you may consider the effective manual removal to erase MaskSearch.com thoroughly from computer.

Note: Manual removal of MaskSearch.com is complex and risky task, as it refers to key parts of computer system, and is recommended only for advanced users. If you are unsure that you can manually remove the threat, then just download and use a latest and powerful removal tool. It can solve the problem easily.

Manually Remove MaskSearch.com (Virus Removal)
1. Stop running processes related to this redirect virus.
a: When the Windows Task manager appears, switch to Processes tab.
b: Find out and select the processes related to the virus by name random.exe, and click on the “End process” button.
Remove the redirect virus from Internet Explorer:
a: Start IE, go to Tools and select Internet Options.
b: Find General section, remove MaskSearch.com address as a home page.
c: Then go to Search section, find Settings button and choose Manage Add-ons
d: Erase the redirect and after the action, close Manage Add-ons

2. Remove the redirect virus from Mozilla Firefox.
a: Open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on tools and go to Options.
b: Switch to General tab, remove MaskSearch.com address as a startup site.
c: Then, go to: Firefox -> Add-ons -> Add-ons Manager -> Remove.
d: In the Search list, select Manage Search Engines and erase this redirect and choose “OK”

3. Remove the redirect virus from Google Chrome.
a: Open Google Chrome and navigate to Settings tab and Set pages.
b: Erase MaskSearch.com which was seta as the startup site and choose OK
c: Find Manage search engines and here, erase this redirect.
d: Press on “OK”, and restart Google Chrome.

4. Delete all registry files created by this redirect virus.
a. While the Registry Editor is opened, search for the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ MaskSearch.com” Right-click this registry key and select “Delete.”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[RANDOM].exe”
b. Navigate to directory %PROGRAM_FILES%\ MaskSearch.com \ and delete the infected files manually.
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\*.*

Attention: The virus is an aggressive browser hijack virus with the ability to interrupt your browsers. Even though you run your antivirus program to perform a full system scan, it may not be able to detect its trace and thoroughly clean the redirect virus out of the infected computer. In this case, it is wise to use a malware removal tool to clear all components of the browser hijacker to eradicate the threat. However, you may also consider the manual removal as a daunting task since it contains several complicated steps. You are required to have enough computer skills and virus removal experience, or you may make mistakes during the manual removal and result in irreplaceable system damage. Have trouble deleting MaskSearch.com? Just download a powerful removal tool to perform a complete removal of the threat right now!

If for some reason after following the instructions, try running SpyHunter malware removal tool.

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