Enlighten Yourself on Different Kinds of Fuse Boxes

Fuses are extremely important to a building’s construction because these distribute electricity to a building through electrical panels. With the latest technology, various kinds of fuse panels in different styles have been built to suit the different types of constructions. All these panels have been used since the first half of the 1900s. The capacity of fuse panels varies between 60-200 amps for each panel. Since these are of immense importance, sudden blowing up of fuse boxes can cause disruption in power supply. In order to restore the power supply, fuse box repairs in Gold Coast are done at affordable cost.

However, in order to be able to work on them properly, the technician should know what kind of a box it is. Thus, here is a lowdown on the different sorts of fuse boxes and panels for the users as well as for the technicians. They are:-

• Screw-in Fuse Panels- These are also known as Edison Panels. These are conventional fuses used for protecting the electrical circuits of 30amp capacity or under. In residential buildings, three types of Edison fuse panels are found. The S fuse has a screw at the base which possesses a specifically-sizes housing called a fuse rejector. These fuses allow for minor amperage fluctuations. The T fuses offer time delay which provides the electrical system with an opportunity to correct itself before the fuse blows off. These are usually used for appliances that use high frequency. W fuse can be used for appliances which consume low electricity so that even if it blows off, it does not create a lot of commotion.

• Breaker Panels- These are the commonest in our times. These panels have the main disconnect along with other circuits in a single panel. It provides a smooth and efficient connection being lined up on one bus bar which has a plastic connector strip that the breaker mounts onto.

• Cartridge Panels- These are cylindrical fuses with a capacity of 15 and 100 amps. These fuse panels typically are wired to the main service entrance cable and also serve as the primary power shutoff switch also. These were also widely used for cloth dryers, power stoves in earlier days as it would provide steady electricity to these appliances.

• Aluminum Wiring Electrical Panels- Aluminum was used in a widespread manner during the 60s and 70s. It used to be cheaper than copper wiring during those times. However, it has a significant disadvantage of heating up standard outlets and switches which would start on fire. These issues have been corrected by the manufacturers. The panels now have breakers which when overloaded trip a switch that can turn back on at the panel. But these are still not considered for high power electricity consumption.

Commercial electricians in Gold Coast have good knowledge about these fuse panels and circuits. Thus, they are capable of providing tailor-made repair services to the clients. Indeed, these are quite different from each other, and the electricians will require extensive knowledge and expertise in providing proper service to people in need.

The author is one among the expert commercial electricians in Gold Coast who particularly specializes in fuse box repairs. He is also a prolific writer who writes to share information and knowledge regarding the same to the interested readership.

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