Everything You Need To Know About Floating Candles

What Are Floating Candles?

When talking about Floating Candles, it is important to understand the purpose and potential for them. Floating candles are small little candles that you place on top of water that float. Floating candles are either made out of votive or paraffin wax in most cases. This is because these waxes are usually tough enough to withstand the heat of the burning candle while still maintaining their nice round shape. These waxes usually don’t have any real problems, so I highly recommend them.

Making Floating Candles

The process that goes into making these candles is pretty much the same for all types of candles. However, these candles are a lot smaller and therefore a lot simpler to make. But, if you are not interested in making your own Floating Candles, you can go ahead and skip to the Decorations section of this article.

Making this kind of candle requires you to have these materials…

Your choice of candle wax
Candle mold
Candle Wick
Candle Fragrance (optional)
Dye Color (optional)
Candle wax Additives (optional)

After you have these things, you will be ready to start the candle making process.

Dye Color

The dye color and fragrances must be added to the wax as it is being heated and melted down in order to be effective. These things actually make your candle unique and special. There are many different types of dye colors that you can use in order to effectively color your candle. You can either use one type of dye to color your whole candle, or you could use more than one.

There are many different types of color combination you can do that will help make your candle stand out and express how you feel at the time. This is the one reason I like different color combinations in candles because it serves as a way to effectively calm you down, help you express yourself, and also can serve as a constructive hobby.

So if you want to go crazy with the colors, please do! Candle making is a great way to relieve stress.

Wax Additives

Another thing you can add within your hot wax mixture is wax additives. Wax additives all do different things to your wax. Some additives cause your wax to be extra hard and tough. Another type of wax additive is used to enhance the smell of the candle while helping the smell last longer.

These additives help to enhance your candle while some also help to keep the colors from bleeding along the wax over time. These additives help the life and quality of the candles to be maintained and withstand the test of time.

Like I said above, these additives are completely optional and they vary depending on your purpose for making your candles. If you are planning to make them to sell or to last a long time for your personal use, then it would be best to use some type of additive. But if you are a beginner and just want to get something under your belt, then you would be fine without them.

Candle Mold

After you mix up all of the wax and added materials (some optional), then you will need to pour them into a metal candle mold. A metal candle mold is a metal container that is able to withstand the heat of the candle wax.

Getting a high quality mold is very important. I say this because without a good mold, you could possibly mess up your candle or deform it. So please do not go cheap with your candle molds. It will save you a lot of problems and it will help you enjoy the candle making process a lot more.

Before your candle has hardened make sure that you correctly position your wick inside of it. Wicks come in many different sizes and materials. Some are made out of cotton, some are double braided, some are made out of paper, or even wood. They all are unique in their own way and they all have their own purposes.

Some wicks burn hotter which serves the type of candle wax that has a higher melting point while others don’t burn as hot which serves the opposite case. So make sure that you choose a wick that best fits and serves your type of candle wax. After you have chosen your candle wick, you will then have to place it appropriately inside of the candle wax before it dries.

Uses & Decorations

Floating candles can be used in just about any special setting. They are good for church, weddings, or anything you can think of. They are good alone in a bowl or floating alone, lit inside a glass filled with water. However, if you want to enhance your candle, you can do a lot more. You can add pebbles, artificial beads, roses or any flower of your choice. This is where ‘your’ own creativity comes in.

You can do whatever you want with your decorations because it is your candle! So don’t be too critical about how you choose to decorate them. Just be creative and keep learning more and more everyday and while getting better with each batch of candles you decorate.

This is the key. Also, you can get great ideas from Pinterest. They have great examples and very creative ways to create a high quality atmosphere. So don’t limit yourself and have fun with this! The sky is the limit!

To learn more about how to get started with Floating Candles, be sure to head over to my website here, where I have great information that will guide along the process from start to finish.

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