Eyelash Extensions And How Safe They Exactly Are – A Guide

For decades now, we have seen quite a few beauty trends take the market by a storm, and then fade away into oblivion within a couple of months or years. But there are a few that have stayed in trend and have been popular since their inception or innovation, and enjoy the same popularity even today. Trends like lipsticks and eyelash extension in Adelaide have stayed popular through the years, and it does not seem like they are going to fade away anytime soon. Extending your eyelashes usually used to include using mascara. But with modern innovations, mascara has been smartly replaced by eyelash extensions. So how are eyelash extensions applied?

A beautician does not need a PhD in rocket science to apply eyelash extensions, but that does not necessarily indicate that the process will be easy or straightforward. In all honesty, a beautician or beauty therapist, working with permanent makeup in Adelaide, must have a decent amount of skill and experience if he or she wants to apply eyelash extensions. A certain level of precision and accuracy is also required to make the process a success. The technician or therapist will use a pair of tweezers to apply the eyelash extensions. He or she separates your natural eyelashes with the first tweezer, and the second tweezer is used to dip the eyelash extension in glue and place it on top of your separated natural lashes.

The extensions usually last till you shed your natural lashes. Natural eyelashes fall off, on their own, when the root separates from the soft tissue under the skin. When this happens, the eyelash extension glued to the natural lash falls off as well. To be precise, half of your eyelash extensions will fall off within one or two months of application. The entire process usually takes two to three hours of rigorous hard work. The cost usually varies between AUD 500 and AUD 700 and can go even higher if you plan on having mink eyelash extensions applied.

Now coming back to our actual topic – how safe are eyelash extensions, and how safe is the application process? The answer is quite simple – there are quite a few risks involved with the entire application process. Let us now take a closer look at these risks and safety issues:

• The glue that is used to apply the eyelash extensions is a bit risky for the eyes, and a lot more dangerous than the sharp tweezers. The glue’s main content is formaldehyde, which can cause eye allergies and irritations, such as infections of the eyelid or the cornea, swelling of the eyelids, permanent or temporary loss of natural lashes, etc.

• As mentioned above, losing eyelashes permanently is yet another side effect of applying eyelash extensions. The lash follicles are weakened by the regular application of the formaldehyde glue.

• Other side effects and potentially safety risks involved with applying eyelash extensions include reactions to the tape which is used to hold back the natural lashes when applying the extensions, allergies to the extension-removing solution, wounds caused by the forceps, and many others.

• Some eye doctors are of the opinion that extending the eyelashes with synthetic lashes might cause dry eyes, or aggravate the condition in patients already suffering from the disease.

So, in short, eyelash extensions might look good but are quite risky if you think about it.

The author is a freelance blogger and content writer, with working experience in a number of genres. He writes this article on eyelash extension in Adelaide and permanent makeup in Adelaide to warn readers about the potential risks of eyelash extensions.

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