How Green Transportation Is The Future Of Transportation

Imagine a world devoid of air pollution, a world that enables everyone to breathe fresh air anywhere anytime! The current scenario of emissions from vehicles being the source of 70% of air pollution, we are far from achieving a green world. This clearly indicates that one of the leading contributors of air pollution and subsequent climate change is transportation. It accounts for approximately 23% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the world from fossil fuel combustion. Road transport, which includes offline and online truck booking and can booking, is responsible for 75% of these emissions, which is increasingly on the rise. Oil accounts for 95% of road transportation, wrecking havoc to the environment.
Though the consistent rise in air pollution is alarming, we often tend to overlook it and the devastating repercussions that it will have in the future. No wonder, smog hardly ever raises eyebrows anymore! This emphasises on the immediate need for switching to an alternative source of fuel that not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions but is also sustainable and eco-friendly. India, like other parts of the world, is no exception as a contributor of these emissions from road transportation.
A certain degree of awareness when you purchase a vehicle for yourself or during car and truck booking in India is the smart way ahead towards impeding the increase in air pollution. A stringent check on private and commercial vehicles plying on the road also goes a long way towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, Green Transportation makes efficient utilization of available resources a reality, ensuring a sustainable environment.
Sustainable Resources for Preventing Greenhouse Emissions
Here’s a list of the renewable energies that will enable you to keep harmful emissions under control:
Biodiesel – This non-petroleum based fuel is made from vegetable oil (plant oil), which ensures that it is free from sulphur. It produces clearer emissions, reducing particulate pollution when in use. Online truck booking and cabs that contribute majorly to greenhouse gas emissions can adopt biodiesel as their preferred sustainable fuel.
Ethanol – The other most effective non-petroleum based, liquid fuel is made from vegetable starch, usually corn, through the process distillation and fermentation. Apart from being used in its purest form, sustainable fuel can also be a combination of ethanol and gasoline with the former comprising of 85% (E- 85) of the blend. Gasoline, ethanol or a mixture of both, termed as ‘flexible fuel’, is also a smart renewable energy for vehicles. For car or freight booking in India, adopting ethanol for powering vehicles will be a major step towards the right direction.
Solar energy – Another technology that enables keeping greenhouse gas emissions under check is solar energy that can be harnessed for the generation of electricity by harnessing the sun’s rays through photovoltaic cells. This electricity can be used to power vehicles. Though electric cars driven by renewable electricity is a fairly new concept, it is a futuristic technology that can control harmful gas emissions through the smart usage of natural resources. Picture a day when you would be able to opt for car and truck booking in India that is powered by solar energy!
Hydrogen fuel – Derived from water, hydrogen fuel is one of the most efficient fuel for ensuring Green Transportation. Apt for fuel cell vehicles, electricity generated from solar and wind energy is used to split the water. This process ensures that harmful gases like hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or particulates is emitted. Vehicles powered by this fuel are under research and will be a giant step towards curbing greenhouse gases once they are ready for release.
Modes of Green Transportation
Green Transportation can be a reality only when we not only have a fair idea about renewable energies but also actively implement them in our daily lives. Here’s how you can contribute towards ensuring Green Transportation:
Walk – Go down green path through a long walk to your school, college or workplace, if it is within walking distance. It acts as a double boost by preventing greenhouse gas emissions and introducing a daily dose of fitness to your lifestyle.
Bicycle – When your workplace, school or college is not within walking distance from your home, what better way than riding your bicycle to check harmful emissions and enhance your fitness level!
Environment-friendly cars – Private and commercial vehicles like cabs that can be booked online or otherwise, usually are one of the leading causes of carbon dioxide emissions. Awareness and strict implementation of eco-friendly cars will ensure that we take active efforts towards experiencing a world devoid of air pollution. Whether it be online car booking or online truck booking, vehicles that are free of greenhouse gas emissions is the future.
Fuel-efficient freight trucks – Commercial freight vehicles account for approximately 9% of harmful emissions. Electricity and biodiesel are smart options for Green Transportation for these vehicles. Freight booking in India also needs to be conscious of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and introduce changes accordingly.

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