How to avoid plagiarism on the Internet?

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Every day is more common to hear about plagiarism on the Internet, and in life in general, but what is plagiarism and how does the law protect us? In the next post we will see what is considered plagiarism and how we can help the Intellectual Property Law in Spain.

Although not always done, we ALL must recognize the author and the source of those contents that do not belong to us, such as a meme, an infographic, a photograph or a textual content.

Increasing the creation of content on the Internet so we must be cautious when taking as a reference third-party content in our creations, as well as knowing what use others can make of our content.


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But let’s go step by step, what is considered plagiarism?
Plagiarism is not properly citing the source of where the content is extracted or misused.

Examples of plagiarism:

The use or creation of a meme
Use of a third-party photograph
Content compilations
But how can I protect my creations?
A work, in our case, a holder, our domain name, our pseudonym, a post, a photograph, a podcast, a video, an infographic or any other creation that we make is protected by the Intellectual Property Law since birth. This is, since it is expressed (when you write it in your notebook, you tell it to your friend improvement, you record it on your cell phone, etc.) without registration. Yes, that’s right, you do not need to go to register your work to avoid plagiarism because since you manifest the idea this belongs to you.

So the first question we have to ask ourselves when we have been plagiarized is is my creation considered as a work? The Intellectual Property Law considers work the original contents, created by humans that have been manifested in some way. That is, unless it is a creation made by an animal, the work of a third party or something that you have not expressed anywhere, will be a work object of the Intellectual Property Law.

What if you are the one who has taken third party content?
When we take third-party content, such as a photograph or an infographic, we must acknowledge the author and the source, but it is not only valid with this, since we must ask permission from the author to include it in our contents. One way to avoid this is to use creative commons platforms that already indicate the rights that the author gives, that is, if it can be modified, used for commercial purposes, etc.

What happens when we use a meme?
As we said, a meme is a plagiarism because the photograph used is taken without permission of the author.

All photography is copyrighted whether or not it is “original” but with a small nuance. Non-original photographs, which remind us of something or where another work is shown as a painting, will only be the author’s for 25 years. Whereas, innovative and differentiated photographs have a copyright of 80 years.

What about the other creatives?
The rest of creatives: ebooks, podcasts, infographics, etc., are presumed to have a copyright for the author’s entire life more than 70 years after his death, although he may grant us exploitation licenses. In the case of templates, plugins and editing tools and content design, we should look in the legal texts that allow us to do and especially if they allow to be used for commercial purposes.

About dating
If I want to refer to a content of another blogger I can quote it verbatim without the authorization of the same whenever I analyze its content or is necessary for the understanding of my post.

And what about our beloved lists?
Any collection of information is a work in itself and only by the fact of realizing it belongs to us. Feel free to quote the 50 marketing referrals, the 10 famous phrases of the best referrers, the best emails or the 5 tools that every community manager should know. They will be 100% legal.

To finish, I will tell you three things that will leave you in stone and encourage your creativity:

Did you know that the ambient sound is freely usable? It includes ambient sound in your creations and gives a different touch to your podcast and video tutorials.

Did you know that everything on the street is free to use? Take pictures with sculptures, graffiti and typical parks of your city. You will not find a more multi-purpose scenario than urban planning.

Did you know you can copy current content? As you hear, if it is to inform you can make a free use of topical content.

And to further enhance your creativity, did you know that you can parody what you want? Whenever you do not harm who parodies you can parody all kinds of work, as does Jose Mota with Spanish Movie.

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