How to Get Student Discount on Laptops in UK?

Saving money is one of the most important parts of student life. Cutting back on costs wherever possible is something that you can look to do as a student and considering a laptop is something that is essential for the smooth running of student life, making savings on one is something that would appeal to every student. So, here are a few suggestions on how to get a student discount on laptops in the UK!

Many websites let you sign up, often for free, and as long as you are a student enrolled in a college or university, within the UK you get access to hundreds of exclusive offers from your favourite brands that you most likely shop from anyway. One of these websites is Student Beans, who offer discounts that include money off of a certain amount spent, or a percentage off the full price, letting you save a chunk of money on your new laptop purchase.

Once you have signed up and logged in, you get access to discounts on multiple brands of laptops as well as laptop retailers, so you can get your hands on the ASUS laptop that you have had your eye on or the Lenovo laptop that you have been lusting over and save a considerable amount of money along the way too!

This allows you to save your money as well as getting a great laptop that you would use on a daily basis from reliable brands that you can trust. Such discounts are especially useful when you are buying a laptop that is of high value as you get more money off with 15% or sometimes even 20% discounts!

If you’re an Apple fan you will be pleased to hear that Apple also offers a 10% discount for students on their Mac range. So if you’re after a MacBook you can get 10% off the full price simply by being a student, signing up and buying through the Apple Store for Education. Microsoft also has a dedicated discount for students through Microsoft Education, where you can get 10% off their latest laptops.

In addition to this certain manufacturers of laptops also offer student discounts which vary from time to time so it always pays to do your research and take a look if this is something they offer before you buy.

Retailers also offer student deals, bundle offers and a quick search online will bring up any codes that you can use to save on a new laptop purchase, so you can always shop around and see where you can save more prior to investing in a laptop.

With the option of saving up to hundreds on a brand new laptop of your choice there is nothing to lose, especially with it being as easy as signing up within a few minutes so be sure to give it a try.

Whether you’re after certain brands of a laptop, like an Apple MacBook or Microsoft, or you want to shop around with a specific retailer, as a student you get access to many exclusive deals and offers and discount codes which are not available to anyone else, therefore be sure to take full advantage of these deals and offers whilst you are still a student!

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