How to perform all the celebrations in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 has a large section of new moves, which not only focus on moves to remove, retain or shoot the ball, but also focus on an important part of a football game, which is the celebration of a goal.

There are all kinds of celebrations, from funny, to mocking; without a doubt, celebrations are a fundamental part of this beautiful sport. So, if you’ve been wondering how to perform these moves, then we’ll show you how.

In Run Movements: These movements are the first part of celebrating a goal on PS4:

Finger to Heaven: Hold Circle
Thumb sucking: Hold down square
Ear Gesture: Hold down triangle
With open arms: square, hold square
Point making the guns: circle, hold down circle
Wrist spin: triangle, hold down triangle
Plane: hold down R3
Aiming at the sky: keep up
Shut up: keep to the right
Phone: Keep Down
Can you hear me?: keep to the left
Hands open: right, hold left
Come on!: Left, keep to the right.
Send kisses: down, hold up
Double arm swing: up, keep down
The bird: right, keep right
Hand on head: left, keep left
Heart symbol: down, keep down
Arms up: up, hold up
Make the grinder: take a full turn to the right

Finishing moves: these movements are after the first movement in the run and end with the celebration of the goal.

Pointing to the sky: hold L1, circle
A little respect: keep L1, circle, circle
Ballroom: hold L2 and then up, up
Slash: Hold L1 and press Square
Riding the wave: hold L1 and then press triangle
The Triangle: hold L1 and then down, down
Big guy: hold L1 and then hold right
The girl: hold L1 and then hold left
Sliding on chest: hold L1 and then down, up
Aim backwards: hold L1 and then left, right
Personal definition movement: press X
Leap back (with agile player) or arms to the public: Hold L1, up, up
Front flip: (with agile player) or roll and fist: hold L1 and full turn to the right
Turn on the ground / make the croquette: hold L1 and turn fully to the left
Violinist: hold L2, square
Spanish archer: hold L2, triangle
Hand on the ears: L2, square, square
Belly hit: hold L2, triangle, triangle
Sliding on knees and extended arms: hold L2, hold up
I cannot hear you: hold L2, keep right
Sliding sideways: hold L2, hold down
Slipping / fainting: hold L2, hold left
Sliding on your knees: Hold L2, up, down
Samba: hold L2, left, right
Who am I?: Keep L2, right, left
Sliding on your knees and sitting down: hold L2, down, down
Knee sliding failed: hold L2, left, left
Leap (agile player) or side turn: hold L2, full turn to the right
Bounce in the air (agile player) or roll: hold L2, full turn left
Rugby: hold R2, R3
Elbow / El Dab: hold R1, Triangle, Triangle
Kiss the floor: hold R2, circle, circle
Blows to the chest: keep R2, down, down
Press it: hold R1, circle, circle
Slip elegant: R1, Left, Left

Those are the goal celebration moves on PS4, if you would like us to publish the XBOX One goal celebration moves please do not hesitate to ask for it in the comment box. And we recommend for you to buy FIFA 17 Coins cheap online by the way.

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