How to select safety shoes of the best quality?

Accidents often happen without prior warning. Industrial workers often suffer from serious injuries at industrial workplaces which can cripple them for life. To ensure optimum feet safety while working within industrial plants or outdoors workplaces, the usage of safety shoes has become quite common these days. But people buying safety shoes online are often facing a major problem for first-time buyers. Here are some of the major areas to which you will need to consider while selecting top brand safety shoes: –

Check the layers of the shoe’s leather
First and foremost, you need to look at the first layer of leather. If you find that the distribution lines are uninform, due to the wrestling skin involved in the process. These lines will have a patchwork of lines and two layers above leather or leather doesn’t have these scattered lines. Also, pinch & touch the cowhide to be sure that it has good flexibility or not.

Verify the smell
The upper layer of leather usually has a smell which is typical of cow skin. It may have a light odour, because the sense of smell tends to vary from one person to another. Safety Shoes that are made from artificial leather have an odour similar to plastic. The leather which is mostly used in the market is normally cowhide leather. At present, there are two layers of cowhide which are used for creating safety shoes. Since one layer leather is costly, it is not commonly used for making safety shoes. Cowhide leather floor is a layer of leather which is widely used for creating high end products. Only a few models of industrial safety shoes are made from it like Allen Cooper, Karam, Bata safety shoes.
The newest range of top brand safety shoes like Allen Cooper, Karam, Bata, Safari Pro & gumboots like Hillson available in the market are primarily of two types-rubber sole and PU sole. Rubber is usually divided into natural rubber & synthetic rubber. When you select safety shoes, you will first & foremost have to pay attention to their upper material & lining. Shoes of the best quality have fine leather, are bright, have no loose skin behind their finger surface coating which falls off. They do not crack since they are made from natural leather.

Check the sole & heel of the shoes
Also check the soles of the shoes. Apply gentle pressure on the soles with nails. Shoes which are equipped with high quality soles are flexible, have moderate hardness and have no peeling. Then, check its heel. Shoes might be flat on the counter. The pairs which are of the best quality need to be smooth.

Have a look at the hook heart
The hook heart is usually installed between the outsole of a shoe & midsole. They play a major role in key parts of a piece of safety footwear. Check whether the site’s heart is soft or deformed or not.
Once you have check the pair using all these parameters, selecting a safety shoe of good quality will be quite easy for you.

The author is an expert on PPE (personal protective equipment). He has written many reviews on top brand safety shoes & gumboots in the past.

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