Influence of terrible Educational policies on Education Syst

This article is a mirror reflection of Educational system of a country. It describes the bad policies that hinder the progress of literacy rate.

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Education System:
Education system includes all institutes that are providing educational facilities. The educational system is constructed with the targets of providing education to the students of public and private schools at federal or provincial level. The combination of laws, regulations, public funding, resource allocation, human resource, employee’s benefits, learning material and other supplementary elements collectively form Educational System. By nature, Education system is very broad and complex. Although educational policies may appear simple and easy to achieve, these policies are reformed and modified several times.

Role of Education in a country:
Education in a country is managed by the Federal State and autonomous governments. The federal government helps in developing curriculum and financing activities while the provincial governments assist implications. The education system is classified into six levels i.e.: Preschool, Middle School and High School followed by four year long undergraduate program. The statistical count reveals that in most countries, 31% of educational institutes are controlled by private sector meanwhile 69% are run by public sector.

Impacts of Bad policies:
Many countries, especially the third world countries, face challenges in increasing literacy rate due to the impacts of terrible educational policies on the education system.

1. Lack of Planning
Because of incompetent administration, the education system falls short on proper planning. The educational reforms have remained unsuccessful in transforming the deeply rooted conventional and old school mind set of people.

2. Gender Gap
The universal primary education is impossible to achieve unless we try to overcome issues such as gender gap that hinders the progress of education system.

3. Inefficient Investment
Cost of Education plays a significant role in aiding the country’s educational system. In most third world countries, the private schools are better at providing education in comparison with government institutes but their monetary cost is much higher. So as a result of poor cost management and allocation, children who belong to underprivileged class remain uneducated. This has some scathing affects to a country’s economy in the long run.

4. Poor Faculty Management
Another significant result from a bad policy is caused due to the faculty hiring procedure not being updated timely. Due to poor policies and management, the teacher’s recruitment process is not carefully examined and neither is any new teacher’s training program initiated.

Bad educational policies are also a great source of demoralizing teachers. Since the value of teaching is being exposed by inflexible educational policies that create disappointment and weakness amongst the tutors.

Recommendation for making a better education Sector:
There is a great need to develop standardized curriculum policies. This step will aid in providing equal opportunity to students of every social class.

A balanced approached to formal and informal education should be adopted. Governments should take immediate steps to get school buildings evacuated or reconstructed that have been taken up by feudal lords or destructed by floods.

The federal government should regulate special policy planning units in education departments who will execute educational policies and update them timely.

The federal government should formulate policies regarding vocational and technical training and must also ensure the finances allocated to education are being invested properly.

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