Interpreting the Future of Automotive Braking Technology

present in a vehicle as it plays a significant role in safety as well as driving experience of an automobile. It is also one of the most exciting sections of development in the automobile industry as compared to other technologies that are being developed for better safety and average efficiency of vehicle. There are a number of challenges that present day OEMs are facing with respect to braking systems. The first one is that of reliability and safety. In coming times, the developers will look into systems with zero drag. Regular braking systems do not offer zero drag as they are left with very less drag. The future of automobile braking systems will include torque vectoring especially with respect to electric vehicles.

The experts are of the view that we would need very quick activating parts. Companies like Continental and Bosch are really proud that they could restrict the activation time to a minimum of 120 milliseconds in their latest versions of brake boosters. It is a pretty cool development but the future generations will need more speed. And the most important alteration will be in the combustion engine – regenerative braking process of electric motors. It wouldn’t be as simple as it sounds as you will need a perfectly configured software for this purpose. We will need frameworks that will have to function together perfectly. It is one of the next obstacles that we will need to get over someday. In future, all types of performance braking calipers or Performance Brake Rotors will work without depending on conventional energy. For this reason, you will have to develop a deep belief in electro-mechanical braking systems.

One of the most important questions that comes up consistently in this respect is that despite all manufacturers working on electric braking system why are they delaying in its implementation on retail vehicles. The prime reasons stated for this is the utmost significance of reliability and safety and the makers do not wish to put anyone or anything to risk with an early inclusion of electric braking systems. Next is with respect to development cost. They will need huge investments for mass production of these braking systems. It is for this reason, companies like Continental, TRW, and Bosch are bringing-in brake boosters to give a briging technology to users. Brake boosters are indeed bridging technologies which will finally lead to electro-mechanical braking systems.

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