Is it good to drink orthodox tea when you are expecting?

If you’re expecting your first baby, people around you might be giving you many ideas or suggestions, but most of the times, these ideas do not carry any scientific support and are completely meaningless for you. Okay, we are not saying that all those suggestions and ideas are not of your use. We are just saying that some of them might work for you. Now we are going to tell you that why you should drink Orthodox tea during pregnancy. As there is no official information that a pregnant woman should drink Orthodox tea or not, so you can drink one or two cups in a day. This is not going to harm you at all.

As you all know that Orthodox tea is hand-processed tea and is rolled with machinery in a way which will mimic hand rolling. Now we are going to share with you that all the whole leaf tea is made up with orthodox production methods. One more thing you should check while buying or ordering orthodox tea is to read out the labels which are written on the tea packet. You can order Orthodox tea online too from any of the online shopping websites like You can buy orthodox tea online without any problem.

If you want to make sure about your and your baby’s health, then you might not drink too much of this tea. But you can drink two to three cups of orthodox in a day. This is safe. Don’t worry about it. Drinking this tea will harm you if you drink more than three cups in a day.

Now we are going to tell you some of the tea types which are very useful and beneficial during pregnancy. Follows are mentioned some of the tea types which are very much safe for us.

Ginger tea – Ginger tea relieves stomach related problems, nausea, and sickness during mornings. It also helps to maintain the digestion of a pregnant woman healthier.

Raspberry leaf tea – Raspberry leaf tea is also a type of tea which is very much helpful in your expecting days. It offers high amounts of calcium and magnesium, which prepare our uterus for labor and stop the post-partum hemorrhage. This tea is much beneficial during the first trimester.

Peppermint tea – Peppermint tea relaxes the stomach from any kind of pain and helps to relieve nausea during pregnancy.

Dandelion leaf tea – Dandelion leaf tea has Vitamin A, calcium and iron which prevents unnecessary water retention. It keeps the liver healthy and wealthy and is considered safe during your expecting time.

Nettle tea – Nettle tea is basically known as it’s health enhancer quality. As it has high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, potassium, and iron. But let us tell you that the Natural Medicines Database rates this tea as unsafe during pregnancy. As it totally depends upon the portion of the plant which is used for preparing the tea. You should check and read out the label before consuming it.

Rooibos tea – Rooibos tea is the best and suitable tea for pregnant women, as it contains lots of magnesium and calcium. It also has a high quantity of antioxidants. It is completely caffeine free and helps in digestion of food that a pregnant lady intakes. It soothes the body’s reactions and prevents from constipation problem.

At last, we are going to tell you that orthodox tea is also a kind of tea which is very much safe for all the ladies who are expecting. Plus, it makes the labor less painful. So, you must drink this tea during your best days of life. You can buy orthodox tea online easily. So, take care and drink this wonderful tea.

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