Present is the best time to embrace the technology of future

It has almost been 3 decades for worldwide cinematic audience and science-fiction readers, being repetitively subjected to the notion of machine to machine communication and common network based ‘single’ (centralized) command center for all machines. This concept, though well-acknowledged, is currently materialized because of ubiquitous availability of Wi-Fi internet and skyrocketing penetration of high-tech Smartphone brands amongst consumers. We are already on verge of attaining that coveted science-fiction lifestyle where we can operate our consumer durables like Smart TV, Smart AC, surveillance systems, etc. via an on/off switch executed via internet. The connecting link between all these things is definitely the IoT, as it ensures that data exchange and operational control between various machines (say ‘things’) is seamlessly maintained.
As the focused application of IoT in professional world embarks the proactive connectivity among networks by enabling enhanced Machine to Machine (MoM) communication , this is perhaps the right time to be more and more receptive for this technology, at both, home and workplace levels. For industrial usage, the IoT is going to be a reformation by integrating the control, analysis, governance, and consequent decision making abilities, enhanced by connecting various things associated with the business. Nowadays, different industry segments like Aviation (robotic/automation control), Oil and natural gas (drilling and rigging ops), Automotives (GPS control), Electronics (smart durables), etc. are already enhancing their market approach and penetration by implementing IoT, one way or the other.
We have delineated above how the precise application of IoT comes in terms of Machine to Machine communication (MoM), but since all machines are not capable of generating communication as their primary function, the use of ‘sensors’ comes into picture. The sensors provide the connecting link between machines (‘things’) connected via internet and ensure that a two way communication is enrooted via them. Interestingly, the use of sensors paves in the way for collecting and assimilating data from different nodes of technical operations. These data collected over an entire gamut of sensors opens up the entire new possibilities of leveraging them by deploying analytical skills. As the modern world is driven towards more of focused data analytics and strategic consumer behavior and operational pattern studies, the application of cloud computing services ameliorates the scenario by providing ready to use analytics and assessment support.
Therefore, the fusion of these two technologies of present and future, cloud computing and IoT, actually validates the true communication between machines and also ratifies the collection, analysis, and assessment of data. Such data, when compiled for specific application across different industries, embellishes the strategic viability of various industrial procedures and also furnishes the true essence of strategically advanced and tech-savvy practices implemented in current scenarios. Detailed reports of currently implemented such strategic advancements and technical upgrades (availed by various industries) are already facilitated by some leading industrial research service providers like and they have elaborated the scope of future application and agglomerations for IoT in the industrial world too.
Hence, it is needless to say the embracing the IoT in our lives (personal and professional) is an impending action that should be a part of present, so as to beautify the entirety of our future.

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