Redefine Bridal Entourage with Impressive Simple Lehengas

Whenever we hear about Indian outfits, we are evoked with an image of gorgeous embroideries and out of the world embellishments. While these embellishments look really beautiful, a simple lehenga choli has its own charm.

The modern designers are revolutionizing the concept of the Indian lehengas with their surprising heart winning simple lehengas.

Some embellished lehengas are so elaborate that they make it impossible to detect the color or the texture of the fabric. Simple lehengas have become a favorite with the young brides of the generation. This dress has a subtle, sophisticated look that needs no fancy additions. They are the perfect choices for the sisters and the close friends (and relatives) of the wedding couple and are all about making a big statement with less fuss, rejoicing the actual fabric.

Rich Silk

Silks and cottons are native Indian fabrics with a rich inheritance. Silk has always been relished as the fabric of royalty. Even today, silk is associated with fine dressing and lavish events. It creates beautiful simple lehengas, without any enhanced work on it.

Silky Satin

Satin is not an origin of India but was widely preferred by our ancient royalty. Our ancients imported the fabric for attires with a rich smooth look. It is basically a blend of silk, cotton, wool, polyesters and acetates and is used by the modern designers to make simple lehengas. The glossy look of the satin has an inherent richness for festive occasions like weddings.

Royal Velvet

Velvet is a luxury fabric associated with royalty in the olden days, but now is available to make scintillating lehengas. Usually dyed in dark hues of deep blues, greens and maroons; lehengas in velvet, with applique detailing, look really very fascinating and sets the wearer apart from the crowd.

Cascading Chiffon

Chiffon is a fabric made from cotton, nylon, silk, rayon and polyester. This fabric gives a sheer, light look and because of its flowing fall, it is used to create dazzling layered lehengas.

Fall of Georgette

Georgette is another light fabric favored by the designers for simple lehengas. It is lightly crinkled and has a great fall.

Digitally Printed Lehengas

Digitally printed lehengas with minimally embellished hems look remarkable when paired with a well-structured blouse. These printed fabrics have been explored by a lot of emergent, well renowned designers to craft some interesting simple lehenga designs.

Cool Cotton

Wearing cotton for an Indian wedding is astounding but a lot of Indian designers have converted this old age fabrics into innovative anarkalis and lehengas which the trendy girls just cannot turn down.

Brocade Lehengas

Brocade is an innately weaved fabric with raised patterns. Since time immemorial, this fabric has been a status symbol. Kanjeevaram brocades, banarsi brocades and the like fabrics have been weaved into sarees for a long time.

The designers today are contemporizing the brocade fabric by using it in simple lehengas as well as other western silhouettes. The fabric itself is so attractive that it needs no further embellishments.

Plain Lehengas

Brides these days opt for a more contemporary look for their wedding with plain simple lehengas with minor embellishments at the border.

Pastels – Pleasing and gentle colored simple lehengas need no elaborate decorations. Just a hint of contract with a lace at the hem can work wonders.

Neons – Neon colored fabrics are used for creating striking effects. Neon greens, pinks, yellows and oranges are aesthetically tamed by the designers to give a visually appealing look. These colors look amazing when paired with shimmery blouses and sophisticated jewelry.

Solids – Simple lehengas paired with a crop top or overstated blouses are topping the charts and look really alluring.

Final Words

Brides these days prefer to styles that can be displayed effortlessly. A heavily embellished lehenga with a regal princess look comes with the price of bearing the wearer down with its weight.

Delightful simple lehengas give the dual benefit of making style statements, in consort with the ease of carrying it. So, no wonder to why modern brides are opting for chic simple lehengas, without the added baggage, for their special day. If you want to have a blast at your own or best friend’s wedding, simple lehengas with interesting fabrics, are your way to go!

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