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These days, your options on how and where to sell broken cell phones are numerous. With so many options available to cell phone consumers, it can be difficult to understand just exactly what the best option is for your device. Online marketplaces, trade-in companies, and buyback companies all have their pros and cons. Understanding all of your options and the advantages or each is vital to ensuring that you get the best value and service based on your specific situation. We’ll show you this in a real example where we took similar defective cell phones and sold them in the most popular marketplaces in the cell phone collections industry.

Cell phones in the past that have minor cosmetic or functionality issues were perceived as having significantly reduced value, and most places would recycle them for free or offer an extremely low amount of money for your device. However, today’s market has really changed in favor of the end user. The growing segment of first time users and overall cell phone usage means that secondhand smartphones are in huge demand, including broken cell phones. Savvy cellular industry companies have noticed this trend and have tailored their business models to repairing broken cell phones to return back into an extremely lucrative secondhand market. The same trends seen here in the USA can also be seen in foreign countries.

A defective device might require some TLC to get back to a fully functional condition. However, the inventory to fill the secondhand market’s demand is so large that companies must offer competitive prices for both fully functional and broken mobile phones. Consumers looking to get the best value for their broken device should realize this and know that many options allow them to receive almost similar value for a broken device when compared to a fully functional one. This means heavily used phones with increased cosmetic wear have very little effect on a company’s cost to refurbish. They’re going to be replacing your LCD/digitizer screen whether it has one small hairline scratch or it’s heavily damaged with a significant amount of cracks.

If you sell broken cell phones that have functional defects, the cost to refurbish will surely increase. However, many of these businesses are able to sell the broken LCD screens and other small parts to other companies whose niche is reclaiming defective parts back to a fully functional condition as a service for the repair company. At the end of the day, the business side of the industry has grown just as fast as the demand, allowing broken devices to be repaired at a much lower cost and much more easily than in previous times.

It’s fairly easy to list a broken cell phone on eBay, and most people have an eBay and PayPal account to collect payment on. There was a difference of $23 increase in sale price by listing the item as a Buy It Now only, but it also took nearly 3X as long to sell the item. In order to command the higher price with the Buy It Now format, it does take some ability to research eBay to feel out the market value and the likelihood that at a given price you can sell it. While doing my own research for this listing, I notice that most individual end-user eBay sellers do not take the time to fully describe their unit and receive lower bid amounts due to the lack of detail. In addition, it had been a while since I sold on Amazon, and they’ve definitely made some changes. When I first started selling as a business, approval was required to sell cell phones. Shortly after, they opened up the category to everyone. Seems these days Amazon prefers to leave the heavily used and broken cell phones to the garage sale marketplaces like eBay. They’ve since limited the conditions you can sell ranging from New to Good condition. However, I saw many sellers who had phones with cracked LCD screens for sale. In my eyes, it’s not worth attempting to sell on Amazon and receiving an account violation. I was surprised when they allowed end users to sell their phones on Amazon, so I’m also not surprised that they tightened up what actually gets sold.

According to this whole article, I illustrate several opinions to you. If the version of your iPhone is new or old enough, you can choose sell your completely smashed iPhone for cash, it’s a logical decision. Otherwise, you can choose to find a retailer for your iPhone LCD screen digitizer.

Replacing an iPhone LCD screen digitizer is relatively cheaper instead of purchasing a new one or sell it.

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