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New york being the hub for fashion,technology and advertising industry makes it the one of the most accepted cities in US attracting the highest number of immigrant population.While the US Congress has been continuously pushing for immigration reforms for so many years but it is still it takes approximately year and half period getting your long term US visa application accepted..With Whitehouse changing hands recently and the New President taking over the office more new rules are expected come which might make the process more transparent and easy for the future applicants. There might be some hindrances for foreign nationals of certain geographies and for some the trouble may ease out with coming of new government.

US being of the largest economy with the immigrant population contributing larger part of the GDP,the rules of immigration are quite complex .For the layman to understand the law and insure 100% success in getting a visa can always be tough so taking the help of an immigration lawyer is the most sort after way to succeed in the process.If you have plans to settle down in New york after your visa gets approved , you can always look for an immigration lawyer in new york city only. But finding the right lawyer in the city is always a challenge because for that you also need to potentially understand or otherwise you might cheated.

Below are the seven things which one should be looking while searching for Family Immigration lawyer In New York . You can always use these seven parameters as a way to judge the credibility of a lawyer also.

1. Don’t at lawyer’s fee to judge the quality of an immigration lawyer in New york.Choosing blindly only on the basis of what the lawyer is charging might lead to you getting engaged with mediocre or terrible immigration lawyer.Some might not know the whole spectrum of immigration law so that might be the reason why somebody is charging low.Don’t get into the trap of cheap pricing and missing out the long term perspective of the lawyer client relationship.
2. Always try to get referrals from people known to you and might have used the services of any specific immigration lawyer in the city.Reference from friend and relative can always assure of not falling into the trap of wrong commitment.If you are new to the city first and nobody is known to you ,first prefer doing some small business trips using B1/B2 visa and try to build a network during that period and from that network try using some reference for a good immigration lawyer for your long term visa needs.
3. Always ask for reference from the lawyer. If the attorney is good at work , you’re asking for his client references would never bother you.You can talk to the lawyer’s existing client base to understand the efficiency of his or her service and which in turn can give you an idea of how much the attorney or the firm is efficient enough to service you.
4. Always negotiate for fixed fees well in advance.Immigration lawyers just like any service provider charge for time.Some immigration lawyers in New York charge a fixed fee for standard procedure , filing and responding from time to time.The fixed fee model better for immigration lawyers because you first know what is to be paid for what and is very cost effective for long term needs.
5. Prefer use to technology to power the communication between the lawyer and you. Most of the immigration Law Firm NYC abstain themselves from use of cloud storage and email communication but giving you reasons of security but that is not the right way. Use of cloud storage and time to time email communication makes the process fast and transparent
6. Also hire a lawyer who speaks and read your language. This makes the communication more easy and you can easily share your requirements in a much better way

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