Some Measures For Safer Apartment Living

Whether you’re a recent college grad or an established professional woman transitioning into your first apartment, you must be excited about living on your own for the first time.

You can finally decorate your place to reflect your personal style, select art pieces and come and go as you want.

But, solitary living offers a few potential downsides along with the positive points. Here personal security is one of the most significant shortcomings.

Follow the below specified security measures to safeguard yourself from the underlying problems:

Live above the first floor:

Always think from the thief’s point of view to discover the hidden facts. Thieves find it hard to take large items such as TV, music systems, etc. out from the top floors at the time of theft. Therefore, they prefer lower floors.

While choosing an apartment, you should request the building owner for any floor above the first floor. Statistics also show that higher floors are less likely to be broken into.

Purchase renter’s insurance:

Make a checklist of your valuables and a short video inventory of your apartment.

Ensure to state date and time clearly at the start of the video.

Place this inventory and video at a safe place in the apartment. Having a renter’s insurance will protect you with respect to your personal belongings.

Change the locks:

Make certain that the locks to your apartment have been changed after prior renter’s stay.

Although many property-owners forbid giving a key out to a friend, relative, but you never know who was living in the apartment before you, or to whom have they given the keys to.

Going wireless:

Wireless monitoring is the best way to go with if you want an alarm system for your apartment.

It is because it does not require a landline to be supervised by a professional security company.

This system does not have the security loopholes as that of using a landline.

For instance, a landline security system gets useless if the landline is inoperable due to accident cuts from events such as storms, fires, malicious tampering, and so forth.

Lock your sliding glass door:

If there is a sliding door at your apartment, it is best to stick a broom handle or a dowel in the track of your sliding glass door.

Many of the sliding doors have fragile locks, and require extra security.

Look for amenities within the apartment:

Look for an apartment that has its own washer and dryer inside rather than in the public area.

But, if you are choosing a place that doesn’t have its washing and drying amenities within, then avoid going alone when it’s dark outside and go along with your neighbor or friend to the apartment’s washing area.

Guard your identity:

Put only the initials or the last name on your mailbox to cut down on the number of solicitations you get.

Staying safe is not difficult if you use your common sense and follow the above-mentioned steps.

Safety is the main consideration factor for apartment living, and ultimately it is you who will be responsible for your safety, so take all the necessary precautions to secure your life.

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