The Best Anti Aging Tips Extend

A deep sleep is one of best anti aging tips not only helps you restore energy after a long day of work, but also helps the skin rest and be healthy, lasts ‘the life’ of the skin.

Not need to use expensive cosmetics too much, you just adhere to the following basic principles, you will be able to prevent wrinkles due to age coming prematurely. Let apply these best anti aging tips!

Use sun cream at all times

Although the weather is dry or wet during rainy days, you do not skip to use sun cream whenever going out the road. Although sunlight helps the body make vitamin D, but the harmful ultraviolet rays make accelerate the aging process very easily and cause wrinkles on the skin, which makes the skin loses a significant amount of water. Using sunscreen properly will not only help you prevent premature aging, but also protect your skin from cancer.

Drink lots of water

Water is the catalyst helping maintain skin moisture. So please provide enough water for the body, not wait for thirsty to drink. You can drink water or fruit juice, green tea. But you should avoid the sugary drinks such as soft drinks and stimulants such as beer and wine. Every day, you should drink about 2.4 liters of water in the heating season and from 1.5 to 2 liters of cold weather days to help maintain the vitality of the skin and filter out waste products the body.

Do not abuse the white sugar

Maybe sugar is one of the reasons causes of wrinkles for younger people. Loading too much white sugar means you have contributed to weaken the link collagen under the skin, causes of aging and creates wrinkles on the face. If you are the “sweet tooth” and indispensable cup of coffee every breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can replace white sugar with healthy sugars such as Equal. Less energy sugars such as Equal will not make you gain weight due to low calorie and especially not cause your body be “indigestion” with sugar.

Move often

Sitting all day can slow the metabolism of the body, and this process is increasingly slower as you get older. So, one of the daily beauty tips is, please take advantage of your free time to stand up, walk and talk with colleagues… When you stand up, metabolism mechanism starts to boot, access points of insulin become sensitive and blood pressure is improved.

Get enough sleep

Sleep well every night is also one of the best anti aging tips.

A deep sleep not only helps to restore energy after a long day of work, but also helps the skin to rest and healthy. Growth hormone is produced during sleep as promoting innovation process of skin cells as well as other important functions. You need sleep enough 8 hours a day. Lacking of sleep will make skin dull, dark, and over time, you will become a “bear” with two deep black eyes.

Clean makeup before sleep

Although tired, do not skip clean makeup if you want to maintain a youthful and elastic skin over time. In step of cleaning makeup, cleaning face are very important, this one of best anti aging tips not only pushes away dirt and makeup but also creates breathable environment for your pores “breathe” fresh air regularly.

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