Tips for Maintaining your Tire’s Health

Following simple tire maintenance techniques can help you prolong the lifespan of your car’s tire. Like checking your tire’s pressure to make sure that they are properly inflated. know this, both under-inflated and over-inflated tires don’t wear evenly and won’t function properly for long. Similarly the front and rear axles and the right and left sides of the car wear down your tires differently, regularly rotating your tires between different positions will ensure that they wear uniformly and last longer.

BP Auto Spares India, delivering TATA Indigo and Tata Indica parts for years, will brief you on some of the tips for maintaining your tire’s health.

Maintain Correct Tire Pressure: One of the most important aspect of maintaining a tire’s health is monitoring and maintaining the correct tire pressure. Your car manual will tell you the optimum pressure level for your tires. After continuous driving, the tires tend to lose air pressure and are needed to be refilled every month or so. Every now and then make it a habit of checking pressure on all 4 tires. Try to carry out the task in the morning when the air is cold.

Tire Rotation: Tire rotation is crucial to avoid un-uniform tire wear. Frequent rotation of your tires can give you bang for the buck by exponentially elevating the life span of your tires whilst giving you a safer and a much smoother drive. In front wheel drive cars, the front tires of your car are ought wear down quickly. Your car manual will guide you when to rotate the tyres on your vehicle. Also make sure whether your tires are directional or non-directional, since the rotating technique is different for both.

Monitor Treads Carefully: Memorize the pattern of tread on the tire when it is new in order to point out the wear and tear effortlessly when it happens. Try to find out uneven tread wear, but be careful of worn treads as you can cut your fingers with the exposed wire under-frame. Worn treads around the edges indicate under inflated tires whereas worn treads in the centre mean over inflated tires. Completely worn out tires have higher chances of punctures, leakage and blowouts. Every new tire comes with a limit mark and must be replaced when wear and tear is too prominent.

Frequent Wheel Alignment and Balancing: When we talk about aligning your car wheels, it is in direct relation to the suspension which in turn affects the tires of the car. A car’s alignment tend to get uneven over time due to continuous driving on rough paths and patches. Wheel alignments helps to readjust the car parts allowing them to roll and rotate parallel to one another and stay 90 degrees from the ground.

Even after rigorously following these tips, your tires need to be replaced once the treads wear out. Replace your tires after 40,000 kms or a maximum of 6 years of continuous use or visit BP Auto Spares India for high quality TATA Sapre Parts, Spare Parts for TATA Indigo, Tata Indica parts and robust car tires.

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