Top 5 frequently asked questions about roof coating

There is no doubt about the fact that roof is considered to be the most important part of the house. In most of the cases, when the house owners encounter leaks or damages in the roof, they become baffled regarding whether to choose roof coating or roof repairing. A basic difference lies in between both the types of roof maintenance. Roof repairing should be done immediately in case a sign of crack or leakage is encountered as it can lead to serious problems afterwards.

On the other hand, roof coating, commonly recognized as roof painting is incorporated in the house renovation process to make the roof look attractive. It is utilized by the both home owners and office owners as the mean of enhancing the appearance of the property. If you are one of them who often become confused regarding their choice, go through the common questions that are frequently asked regarding roof coating.

Q1. Is roof coating better than having a new roof?

A: Undoubtedly, roof coating is a far better option than having a new roof. Unlike the construction of a new roof, roof coating does not involve any added material cost or labour fees. Regarding the financial factors, roof coating is sure to save up to70% of the total cost of roof replacement. All you need to is to call up the best painters in Perth to get the coating process done. Moreover, you will be able to keep your commercial space open during roof coating that is next to impossible for the reconstruction.

Q2. How do I know that roof coating is needed?

Once you find out the traces of water penetrations or signs of cracks on the roof that suggests the problem is required to be addressed. Other common indicators that may lead you to realize that you need to go for roof restoration includes scrim exposure, blistering, shattering, loss of granules and split seams. As soon as you find the signs, you should immediately call up the professional services and get the coating done.

Q3. What types of roofs can be restored through coating?

The roof coating can be applied to almost all sorts of roofs including Asphalt, Mod Bit, Concrete, PVC, metal, Hypalon, TPO, EPDM and more.

Q4. How long is the roof coating going to last?

A: If you know the right procedure of roof coating maintenance, a single time coating can last up to 20 years without any more hindrance. The maintenance process must be carried out for at least twice within a year. The best roof coating in Perth is not only sustainable but renewable at the same time. This feature enables you to retain the beauty of effectiveness of the coating for an indefinite time.

Q5. Can white roof coating reduce energy consumption?

A: The white roof coating can show positive results regarding keeping the heat away from the roof. Evidently, the coating can reduce the temperature of your house for a prolonged time. Moreover, the white roof coating adds a layer of protection on the roof and safeguards it from getting damaged early. It is a proven fact that roof coating has reduced the cooling costs for up to 20% in both house and commercial spaces.

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