Top Reasons to Use Honey Apple Cider Vinegar + Its Benefits.

So what are the benefits of honey apple cider vinegar? Well honey apple cider vinegar can have multiple benefits all at once, Drinking just a few tablespoons of this mixed in with a glass of water everyday can significantly increase some major health benefits such as blood pressure. Multiple studies have proven its benefits time and time again. Not only can this stuff help you lose weight but it also has dozens upon dozens of remedies behind its special mixture.

In this article I wanted to go over a few things about apple cider vinegar and how to drink it and mix it properly into proportions, not too much and not too little. Follow along and hopefully you can learn a thing or two about its great health benefits.

First off please don’t go buy apple cider and mix honey and vinegar in till it tastes okay that is a big no no, we are all about taste as humans so typically I can see how you would try it yourself and also try to make it taste good, well in this case the worse it tastes the better it will be for your health.

Just a few benefits of honey apple cider vinegar.

Ever feel like you need a detox but hate the in store detoxes, maybe they are to powerful or you just don’t trust them cause you have no clue what is in them? Well one of the benefits of drinking honey apple cider vinegar on a daily basis in a small amount is of course a very easy and natural detox that does its thing on a day to day basis and is not super powerful like store bought detoxes. Not to mention everything is easily mixed up at your own home by you so you know exactly whats in it. I am not going to say this benefit is a diet but mild detoxes daily will help you to lose those pounds quickly!

What about those long days on the beach? Dealing with mild or extreme sun burn? Try grabbing a old piece of clothing something you don’t care about and soak it in water apple cider and vinegar then wear it and the soothing relief is comparable if not better then aloe’s the store front treatment for sun burns. It might sound awkward wearing a shirt around smelling like bitter apples, but if your in pain and you have no aloe around try this, it has worked wonders for me in the past.

Do you get tooth aches or mouth sores? How about sore throats and coughs? Honey apple cider vinegar is good for sore throats or coughs but be sure not to use the honey if you want to use it as a mouth wash / tooth ache remedy use only apple cider vinegar with NO honey. Store bought mouth wash can have qualities that leave your breathe stale after a while, not as fresh as you like plus who knows what the heck is in those mouth washes. Try the apple cider vinegar home made mouth wash and relieve tooth aches or get a better and longer lasting clean feeling in your mouth. Not only that but it will also fight off any sores in your mouth or around your lips.

Those are three great benefits of honey / apple cider vinegar all of which I have tried and tested myself.

Recent Studies have shown amazing results!

Please please don’t just take my word for it, do some research yourself and learn about the multiple studies performed at top universities around the world. One of the main studies was to do with blood pressure and how drinking a glass of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey apple cider vinegar just an hour or two before bed can dramatically lower your blood pressure upon wake up time by about 6% if used on a regular basis. Other results tested as high as a 32% reduced blood pressure in extreme cases simply by drinking this remedy made right in your kitchen on a daily basis.

Studies have also shown it has been recognized to relieve joint and nerve pain, sounds weird right? Well if you are drinking this stuff daily it really helps your system to gain immunity and detoxes the toxins out of you. So when used regularly it acts as a self immune booster and in return can actually get your bodies joints and nerves healing themselves. Sounds crazy but when your body is not fighting toxins regularly it can move onto healing something else. Many have been amazed at how it has benefited them in regards to joints and nerves. Who would have thought?

A few more Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Many of us have heard of our bodies PH balance and how it is very important to our overall health. It can be a tricky thing to understand but here is basically how it works. If your body is not in ph balanced well then you are basically leaving the front door wide open for illnesses. So how can your bodies ph balance benefit you? It ensures that if you eat natural food your food will be absorbed and distributed throughout your body properly. Where as having a ph that is not balanced leaves you not able to absorb all that you are eating for example those expensive vitamins that you hear your doctor say time and time again, they have a very low rate of the vitamins actually being absorbed into the body. This is all a ph balancing act and if mastered can truly leave you feeling as energetic and healthy as ever. Drinking just a glass of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey apple cider vinegar a day can bring your ph balance closer to alignment. This is actually a huge benefit believe it or not.

What type of apple cider vinegar to choose?

As you can see in the pictures if you follow the link I have left for you at the end of the article the more raw your drink is the better it will be for you. Like I said earlier the taste might be awful but the benefits will overturn that taste each and everyday.

I personally don’t like the taste of my apple cider vinegar as all the ingredients are in their raw form so i add 1 tablespoon of honey per glass to make it a bit more drinkable. But that is just me, if you can handle the taste then that is great, but if you tried and cant stomach it then try adding 1 tablespoon of honey into your glass it really helps.

So basically keep it in the raw form and mix it all up yourself for the best results and benefits.

A good rule of thumb is if your glass looks see through like normal apple juice that is BAD. You want your drink to look murky and dirty that is where all of the GOOD raw benefits are.

More about honey apple cider vinegar and things to try.

Really hope you learned a thing or two. Here is to a better way of living, cheers to all you apple cider vinegar drinkers out there! If you have never tried it I highly recommend it. If apple cider vinegar is to harsh or strong for you remember to add 1 tablespoon of honey to each glass. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Want to learn more about honey apple cider vinegar there is still lots more to share be sure to check it out and gain access to all the best benefits of using apple cider vinegar.

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