Understanding the difference between B1 & B2 Visitor For Bus

Perhaps for any of the short term objectives one is looking at visit United States, there are a different set of visa options available. America as it is called the land of opportunities makes it one of the most visited countries from citizen from different parts of the world and to cater this ever widening need for immigration the US department of Homeland security has formulated different laws to make the process quite easy and secure.

B1 & B2 visa is form of immigrant temporary visa meant people visiting the country for short terms of tourism or business. In most of the cases both the visa categories are issued in one go because might be there for business but if he/she intends to travel and roam around the visa can work for him/her as well.B1 and B2 are easiest form of visa categories which is easy to apply and get one. Generally the visa is issued for a period of 6 months and which can be extended for a period of another 6 months.

Now solely for understanding each visa category differently , one should know that B1 is only meant for people looking for visiting for business purposes only. People coming for conferences or meeting their prospective clients in the country should look for applying for B-1 Visitor For Business Visa.On the other hand, B2 as an immigrant temporary visa category is meant for people only looking to travel from the perspective of tourism. People visiting relatives for marriages etc or for any type medical treatment qualified for apply under B2 visa scheme.

In fact any person applying for visa under B1 or B2 or both categories need to satisfy the consular officer on the below gives points.
a. The purpose of the visit is solely temporary in nature for purpose like business , pleasure or medical treatment
b. The plan of the visit is very specific and should be for a limited period of time.
c. One should be able to cover all the medical expenses in case their is an emergency. In fact one need to have mandatory travel insurance in place.
d. The applicant should have to show that one has permanent address of residency in a foreign country which ensures their returns after completion of visa term.
B1 visa can be defined as a specialized visa category meant for immigrant travelers coming to United States of America for the purpose doing short term business activities. The way US immigration law defines business activities under this visa category is quite different from the explanation under any regular employment visa category. Business activities under B1 visa are defined as activities which doesn’t include actual labor work or not receiving any money from a US source
While applying for B1/B2 visa one should keep in mind that they are not citizens of nations which are banned under the The Immigration and Nationality Act, if one needs an extension of the stay , one need to apply for the same. if want to do it yourself you can reach out a New York Immigration Attorney for help.

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