Ways To Get Busy People To Answer Your Emails

Wish that important person would answer your e-mail straight away? Follow these 10 tips to make it more likely to happen.

Let’s get this straight, busy people have little to no time to read, let alone answer your, Email. If you want people to respond to your email and stand out, then you must write it with precision and keeping in mind few email marketing rules. This is your ultimate opportunity to interact with your customers and be heard. Don’t waste it.

A recent study by Adobe (link to http://news.adobe.com/press-release/marketing-cloud/media-alert-adobe-survey-reveals-americans-dependence-email) unveiled the fact that their workers spend 4.1 hours per week interacting and responding with the work email. Surprisingly it takes up to 25-30 minutes to get back on task once you are disturbed by checking and reading email during the workday.

What’s more, 50% consumers prefer to be contacted by brands via email, followed by direct mail at 22% and social media at 9%. Yet respondents find less than 1/4th of email offers interesting enough to open.

Etoile Info Solutions, best [url=”http://www.etoileinfosolutions.com/”]Website Designing Company in Phoenix[/url] have grounded ten tips to help you get busy people to respond to your email and start a conversation.

Catchy Subject Line: Your email subject line should clearly surmise the reason for your email so the receiver is bound to open and answer it. It should also be clear and precise, if your subject line is clear, your email will likely to be, too. Avoid writing full sentences and instead write only the most important part of your reason for emailing in the subject line.

Avoid these phrases at all cost- “Checking in”, “Touching base” &”Following up”

To the point: Most organizations and individuals try to emphasize and highlight their credentials in the opening lines of the email, avoid doing that. Instead the opening line or paragraph of your email should immediately highlight the purpose of the email so that the recipient is intrigued enough to get to the bottom of the email and respond to it.

Use basic language: Don’t sprinkle all your English and vocabulary knowledge in one email. Be easy on your language and try to form basic and easy to interpret sentences and steer clear of flowery phrases and industry jargons.

Use Numbers: According to NN Group (link to https://www.nngroup.com/articles/web-writing-show-numbers-as-numerals/), digits enhance the scannability of digital content. It’s better to use “23” than “twenty-three” to catch users’ eyes when they scan Web pages for facts, according to eye tracking data. User fixate more on numbers than on text, because numbers represent facts, which is something users wish to see more.

Keep it short: Keep it short and keep it precise. Researchers analyzed that “shorter emails resulted in faster response times”. But that doesn’t mean leave out important facts. It should be a blend of both, informative yet to the point.

Email writing is an art which you will master only after paying attention to these useful tips.

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