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Types of Mobile Apps

Mainly types of mobile apps are:

Social networking apps
Lifestyle apps
Entertainment apps
Utilities apps
News apps
Games apps
Productivity apps

But thats not enough in the mobile’s world, you’ll hear or must have came across often terms like native app or web app, or even hybrid app. Let us see what’s the difference?

Web apps:

Android App development company uses a software application which is delivered over the internet and runs through a browser interface. The web application is developed by utilizing the most admired programming language known to a coder. In web app, there are three types: Responsive, Adaptive and Traditional.

Web apps are not real applications; they are really custom website development company websites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. They are run by a browser and typically written in HTML5. Users first access them as they would access any web page: they navigate to a special URL and then have the option of “installing” them on their home screen by creating a bookmark to that page.
Web apps became famous and well-known when HTML5 came around and people realized that they can obtain native-like functionality in their browser. Today, as various website development company in India use HTML5 coding as it the most advanced and prefered, the differences between web apps and regular web pages has become blurr enough.

Native mobile apps:

It is developed for specific platform, such as Google Android, Windows, iOS. Installed through an application store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store).
Its advantage is better user experience, because the app is developed for a specific platform due to that the app can be operated faster and developed by mobile app development companies. Very much helpful for user to notify the user with the notification feature about the offers on products or service, any.

User downloads native mobile apps from the app store and installs it on his device. It is accessed live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen.

Functionality: They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features – they can use camera, GPS, compass, list of contacts, accelerometer, internet and so on. They can also incorporate gestures (either standard operating-system gestures or new, app-defined gestures).
Any Android app development company making native apps uses the device’s notification system and works offline.

Hybrid mobile apps:

It is developed using html5 programming language,
How installed on a device like a native app, but the main thing is it can also run through a web browser.
Though a Hybrid app may not perform as fast as a native app, they have high capability for streamlining the development process on its capability.

If your mobile app needs to run on the multiple platforms, then you may find a variety of tools that they are specially designed for the multiple-platform use.

Here there are 3 options to be shared that may help app developers who want to develop app on multi platforms and it can be done by Android app development in Nashik.

Phone Gap: Phone Gap helps to develop by using a standard development process language like HTML and JavaScript. By using phone gap, you can build apps for iTouch, Android, iPhone, Symbian and iPad devices. The excellent additional advantage of this PhoneGap tool is it can work even for the device hardware features.

Widget pad: This tool can be called as open-source environment tool, which can be used for developing apps for different operating systems. The major features the tool include source code editing, debugging, distribution services and collaboration.

MoSync: MoSync is totally based on a standard web programming, which helps the developer with device profiles, integrated compliers, libraries and other valuable tools. It amazingly supports several operating systems Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android.

Hope above given information is grasped by you easily and successfully increase knowledge graph of mobile app development companies related to mobile application development company. More new articles are yet to come related to Android app development services so stay in touch with our website. All the best.

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