What are the requirements for US Immigration L1 Visa?

If you as an employer intend to transfer an employee or few employees from your foreign office to the office based in US, L1 visa is a category which you should look in case of intercompany transfers like this. You should keep in mind that transfer of this nature should always be temporary in nature and the employees should be always in managerial or executive positions and the transfer is actually initiated because the person bears some specialized skill or knowledge .We should also keep in mind the office in US should have direct or indirect relationship with the office outside, generally an affiliate or subsidiary or branch office is the apt was to describe the relationship.

To understand the qualification process of US Immigration L1 Visa the first question that needs to be answered is how to show the relationship between the foreign and the US office? Few points which can help you show this relationship are:
a) The articles of incorporation of your company should show common ownership between the foreign entity and the US entity.
b) Business licenses and anything relating to the same should show common entity of the US entity.
c) There should be contract or any related documents which shows the relationship of the US entity with the foreign parent.
d) Corporate filing in US and foreign country should show the relationship
e) Any documents which shows transactions like share purchase etc between the foreign entity and the US entity showing the ownership relationship

The second thing, that is most important is to show that your employee fall under the jurisdiction of US Immigration under L1 visa category. Few things to showcase this relationship are :
a) Copy of pay stubs being paid by the foreign entity
b) Details of earlier payroll in the foreign entity
c) Tax filing documents of the employee shows the relationship of the person with the employer
d) Documental evidence of the work being done the employee with the foreign office of the employer.
Under the US Immigration law, L1 is the type of visa category which makes transfer of talent within the organization from any geography to any of the branch or affiliate offices in United States. L1 Immigration visa is visa status meant for short period of time .The period of stay allowed under this type of visa differs as per the immigrant person’s national identity. The period is just 3 months for Iranian Nationals and five years for Indian, Japanese and German nationals.As an HR manager you should keep in mind the applicant of US Immigration L1 Visa are presumed to be immigrant and should provide satisfactory proof that they have no intention of immigrating to US before getting the visa

The above mentioned metrics are the key defining elements which can act as specific requirement that one need to comply with for applying for US immigration under the L1 visa category.Though the process is not so complex like any other employment based visa category but advisory from an employment based immigration attorney is always advisable. While searching for a New York Immigration Attorney always try to research on the earlier cases the person has dealt in the particular category and knowing about reviews from the existing client is of utmost importance.

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