What to look in a video editor online while hiring?

Changing dynamics in consumer behavior have led brands to look at taking their brand story with a different approach.With the proliferation of digital media , content creation and marketing has now become one of the key roles in which today’s digital CMO participates into. Traditional models of telling brand stories like through TV ads and Print have started diminishing. In fact text content methods like blogging , online PR etc which were the initial tools of digital advertising have also started losing value because the new age digital consumers are looking at more deep level engagement with the brands they want to work with.This led to rise of new channels like Youtube ,Vimeo and many other similar channels.In fact all major digital advertising platforms today are trying build technology so that brands advertising on can tell effective stories through videos.

Today’s marketing team are day in day out are involved in the activities like collecting and framing stories which can correspond the brand story and product stories in a much better way.But the larger challenges for video marketing lies connecting the right stories in a proper format.Though the script writer largely design the flow of the content and decides how the different elements of the story have to be connected but there is another person who is called the video editor who is actually responsible for executing what the scriptwriter has written.

Since video editor’s job is more technical in nature so companies and their marketing teams prefer to look at an external expert to get their job done.A proper knowledge of the different technological tools involve is very important skill which your video editor should have. A Business explainer video editor is somebody who put life to the video content which the marketing team has created. A proper knowledge of how different frames need to be connected , how the sound has to be connected the ethos of the content are some of the skill which one should look at hiring a video editor.

Because the skill required is very specific and technical so traditionally people use to hire production houses which have editing capabilities.With proliferation of technology finding people with any specific has become very easy. Now there are platforms and companies which which can be used to Hire Video Editor Online,. Platforms like MysteryMonks and Upwork have made this process very easy.With the proliferation of app only services is all segments competition has increased largely. Getting a share of user’s mobile screen is becoming a tough thing to attain. Download based marketing cost is rising day by day. To tackle this issue a lot of marketers are using app explainer video as a tool to convert customers .This are like 30 to 60 sec video explaining the app, its utilities and also pushing some brand based messaging in between.

Though the process has become bit easy but the real challenge lies in evaluating the skill sets.The point discussed above can be used a benchmark for evaluation but don’t miss a chance to look at the editor’s portfolio and existing client reviews

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