What will work on you – Anrakali Suit or Saree or else?

My friend’s wedding was just around the corner and I was a little sceptical about what to wear! I initially battled between a sexy lehenga or a modest anarkali suit, but then I felt there’s no better option than the saree. Sarees are the epitome of traditional style and the nine yard fabric has revolutionized the way women dress in our country.

Whether you are small or tall, voluptuous or petite, there’s a saree for everyone! You just need to choose the right one to get that extra gorgeous look. So I set out to look for the perfect saree which suit my body and came across some interesting facts.

Tall Girls
If you are tall go for bold colours, larger prints and broad bordered sarees to give you that extra elegant edge. Cotton, silk or sheer sarees with net & lace will make you extremely stunning. Try draping it a bit tight to fit your body, making it body hugging, wear heels to compliment well and remember to wear bright colours!

Short Girls
On the other hand, if you’re short, choose a saree that would make you look taller. Light colors, short borders and vertical prints will be a perfect choice for you. Choose from chiffon, georgette, shimmer and silk sarees. Make smaller pleats on your shoulder, which will surely elevate your figure. Also, don’t be afraid that you are too short – hit on guys who are tall (only if you are single) 🙂 Remember, they will have to keep their head bowed down to you for life. There is an advantage for everything – think about Jaya Bacchan if you need a little inspiration.

Slim or Skinny Girls
If you are slim or skinny, you still have a choice, you can choose from heavy cotton, silk, brocade, tissue, tussar or a traditional Kanchipuram sarees. Drape it as you like, but make as many pleats as you can. Show off your torso, whilst wearing a stylish sleeveless matching blouse.

Plus Size Girls
Do you think you are voluptuous, then chiffons, georgettes and silk are best suited for you. Drape it to with fewer pleats, cover your torso, and remember to leave the remaining saree slung over your shoulder without making any pleats on your shoulder. Also, don’t be shy! You are you and be proud and comfortable in your skin – don’t let anybody tell you that you are fat and you need to loose weight. Just be you and enjoy! As long as you are happy inside and are comfortable with your body and skin, you will look good in whatever you wear.

Petite Girls
Given that I’m quite petite, I think I can getaway with a lehenga saree or lehenga choli, which comes with stitched pleats at the waist with a heavy embroidered net pallu! Hope these tips help you girls decide which saree is best for your figure!

But at the end of the day, I and all the girls want to look really hot. Too bad there is family also at such function – I wish there were a little less family and more friends on wedding type occasions so that we can try a lot more with fusion dresses. It’s a bit daring but what do have to loose. Right girls?

I am Surabhi - I write about Ethnic Indian Clothing and Fashion accessories. Whether's its sarees or anarkali suits, I write about it with passion especially when it comes to fusion with western clothing

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