Why Do You Choose a Trip to Ho Chi Minh City?

Planning a vacation in Vietnam? If yes, exploring the sightseeing attractions in Vietnam, including the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City is a good decision.

Introducing Ho Chi Minh City –

Ho Chi Minh City, a high-octane city stands out as an energized hub of commerce and culture that has driven the country forward with unique level of pulsating energy. With a chaotic vibe, the city breathes life and vitality into all who reside here and visitors can’t help but immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the Vietnamese city. Starting from the affordable guest houses, the classiest restaurants to the tastiest street malls in the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh is exiting.

If you’re not convinced, please check out a few reasons which explain why you should take day trips to this magnificent city in Vietnam:

The Beautiful and Chaotic Ambience –

Ho Chi Min City seems overwhelmingly busy as it’s the largest city in the country and a thriving hub of commerce. On top of that, it has a population of 8.4 million and offers a thrilling, exhilarating experience with a great atmosphere that is second to none.

The Bustling Markets –

A home to a huge number of bustling markets, Ben Thanh Market is a favorite with tourists and is packed with over 3,000 stalls providing wonderful spectacles of beautiful, local handcrafts and vibrant Vietnamese culture.

The Beautiful Mekong Delta –

A few hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta is snaking through luscious countryside. Being away from the busy streets of Vietnam, the city offers a completely unique perspective of Vietnam altogether. Encircled by swampland, green foliage and rice paddies, the Mekong Delta often stays top of the list of things to see in Vietnam.

The Delicious Cuisines –

Likewise many countries around the word, there is an argument about which part of the country has better food. Though a person can’t tell you which cuisine you’ll like more, all you can know that the country offers a good collection of delicious cuisines with a unique choice of both traditional and new, innovative cuisines.

The Local History –

Although, Hanoi is the more traditional city than Ho Chi Minh City, it boasts more historically important locations than the former. Being the home to the Cu Chi tunnels and the War Remnants Museum – along with a huge number of other idyllic landmarks, Ho Chi Minh City is a perfect paradise for both history buffs and those people who need a beginner’s knowledge on the rich past as well as history of Vietnam.

The Striking Architecture –

Ho Chi Minh City boasts some of the most iconic, appealing architectures around the country. With the charming, traditional narrow houses, the city is home to Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Central Post Office – which are both the most popular structures around the city. Besides, the Ho Chi Minh City is surrounded by awe-inspiring French colonial landmarks which worth a visit during Ho Chi Minh City day trips.

The Lively Nightlife –

The Ho Chi Minh City often comes alive during evenings with everywhere – starting from cafes and bars to lakes and bridges packed with night owls. All these vibrancy of the city pushes the nightlife scene to the forward direction unlike Hanoi.

Conclusion –

Are you feeling excited to visit Ho Chi Minh City? Then what are you waiting for? Starting planning for Ho Chi Minh day trips and rest assured that you won’t have any more regret at the end of the day!

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