You Might Want To Teach English In Chiang Mai

In the last two decades, Thailand has become a hot destination for the foreigners to come and teach English to the local citizens. Thus, it is only common sense that TEFL students get every opportunity to study the course in Thailand itself. Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand and it is also the educational capital of the country. This town is full with universities, schools, language training centres and, of course, students and teachers. Thus, if anyone is desirous of getting a TEFL degree in Thailand, he should go to Chiang Mai.

The tutors of the TEFL courses in Chiang Mai is mainly the native speakers of English or the Thai graduates who have studied in the western countries or international schools. This ensures that the teaching standards are comparable with that of the US or the UK.

Chiang Mai has long and clear days, great food and friendly natives but those are not the only reasons of studying the TEFL course here. The TEFL courses offered by the Chiang Mai institutes are becoming popular for other good reasons. Let us note down 4 such reasons for you here.

Chiang Mai was once voted to be the second best city in the world to live in, on a popular travel and leisure website. The student community is vibrant here and there are so many eateries and bars to have a good time. The city is full with young people from all over the world.

Teaching English in Chiang Mai also gives the students a practical and hands on experience of teaching English to the speakers of other languages. This experience has a great value for a teaching carer and the opportunities of getting experience in US or UK is very less.

All the TEFL courses offered in this city are approved by the Thai ministry of education which means these courses and certificates are valid all over Asia. This mean, if you qualify to teach English in Chiang Mai, you would be good to teach at several other Asian countries.

The TEFL market and demand in Thailand is huge and Chiang Mai has so many opportunities for the qualified TEFL or TESOL instructors. Many of the students stay back and start teaching right in this city as well. It is highly likely that you will be offered a job once you pass the certification test.

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